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Wish A Dream Collection 3: 太陽の蘭 ~ The Orchid Under the Sun ~
translator unknown - if you know who translated this, please let me know so I can give them credit)


Setting: A cliff off the coast of Tsushima, near a rehabilitation center.

Taiyou: What is this...? Something stirs in my heart, like ripples in the water. An anxiety about living? ...or the fear of death?

Footsteps approach.

Suzuki: Taiyou-sama, it is dangerous to stand so close to the edge of the cliff.

Taiyou: I'm looking at the place beyond the ocean's horizon.

Suzuki: Huh?

Taiyou: My eyes can't see anything, but I get the feeling I can see what lies beyond this ocean.

Suzuki: Beyond this ocean? You mean...Korea?

Taiyou: That's not what I mean.

Suzuki: Hmm?

Meanwhile on a ferry heading to Tsushima:

Ran: Should one live a life of truth...or die for revenge? People say that life is precious, but living aimlessly without reaching your goal just leaves you empty. What is a life of truth, for me?

Ferry captain: Hey buddy! Are you seasick?

Ran: Eh?

Ferry captain: This is nothing! To us Tsushima seamen, this doesn't even qualify as swaying! What about you there, are you doin' alright?

Saito: I'm dying of boredom here! This port called Waniura...it's pretty far, huh?

Ferry captain: Hahaha! Well, you can almost say that Korea's closer than Kyuushuu from Tsushima! And Waniura's on the northern tip. But we'll be there soon. See? It's just around that cape.

Ran: Hey, what's that red thing up there on the cape?

Ferry captain: That's the genkai azalea. The flowers bloom in March in Tsushima. In May, our natural treasure the hitotsubatago1 will bloom, and the whole of Waniura will be covered in white.

Ran: Aah.

Saito: What about the Tsushima leopard cat? You see them around a bit, right?

Ferry captain: Mm, haven't seen one of those around in a while.

Saito: Is that right...

Ran: What's the Tsushima leopard cat?

Saito: You don't know? The Tsushima leopard cat is a breed of Bengal cats, and in Japan, they only live in Tsushima. They're about the same size as a regular house cat, but their ears are rounder, and their bodies are more...

Ran: There's a girl...over there.

Saito: Girl?

Ran: At the edge of the cape. Wearing white.

Saito: Ooh, that white thing? That's a girl? You really have good eyesight.

Ferry captain: That's the young lady that's staying at the rehab center.

Ran: Rehab center? If it's the Nisshinkan Rehab Center, that's where I'm headed.

Saito: She fell! That girl fell!

Ran: Hurry! Take the ferry over there!

[ 1 Chinese fringe tree. ]

Opening Song: I Do

Ran ~

Setting: In the ocean, under the cape where Taiyou fell. Ran has jumped into the water to save her...

Ran: *panting* Hey! Hey!! Are you ok?? Hey!!

Sirens can be heard in the distance. Ran is walking up a path toward the rehab center when someone catches up with him.

Saito: Yo!

Ran: Oh...it's you.

Saito: You're going to the rehab center, right? You could've just taken the ride in the ambulance with that girl. A heroic young man jumps into the rough ocean to rescue a girl who fell from the cliff. The area police praise you for certain. Why'd you sneak off like that, hm? Let me guess...it'll be problematic for you if people start asking you questions?

Ran: It doesn't matter if it's the police or not...I don't like being questioned by anybody. What do you want, anyway?

Saito: Not really. You peaked my interest, that's all. You smell like a comrade.

Ran: Comrade?

Saito: That long thing you're carrying on your back...it's not a fishing rod, is it?

Ran: Who are you?

Saito: One of these. *flashes his gun*

Ran: *whips out his sword*

Saito: Hey...not too hasty. This is just...like my business card.

Ran: Business card??

Saito: Saito Teruo. I'm pretty well known for my skills with a Colt.

Ran: I've never heard of you.

Saito: That's cuz most people who know it are six feet under. *puts his gun away* And so...you're...?

Ran: *sheaths his sword* Ran. So? What are you doing in Tsushima?

Saito: I've come to see the Tsushima leopard cat. What about you?

Ran: I...

Commotion can be heard in the distance.

Ran: What's that??

Suzaki: Please, forgive me!!

Henchman: Shut up!!! *they beat him up*

Saito: Hey! What you doing!?

Suzaki: Please, save me!

Henchman: You shut up! *kicks him*

Ran: Stop that! *punches someone*

Tsunami: Who the hell are you guys?

Henchman: Keep out of this!

Saito: *joins the fray*

Henchman: Damn it, that does it! *flicks open a knife*

Saito: A knife, huh? Looks like you don't really value your life.

Ran: *pulls out his sword* Leave this to me!

He charges at them, when the rehab center's director steps in.

Director: Stop this at once!

Ran: Wha--

Director: We are in front of the rehabilitation center. Please refrain from such rowdy behavior.

Suzaki: Di...Director!

Director: Suzaki-kun, what's happened?

Tsunami: Director, this guy is a nurse at your hospital here, isn't he?

Director: He's a male nurse.

Tsunami: Same thing! This guy...played all kinds of games at our place, but now he's sayin' he can't pay up. That's why we were gently trying to convince him to pay his dues. And that's when these two strangers came out of no where...

Director: You have a gambling parlor at your place, Tsunami-san?

Tsunami: Somethin' wrong with that?

Director: Of course there is.

Tsunami: WHAT??

Director: Suzaki-kun, how much did you lose?

Suzaki: One...one hundred and twenty thousand yen.

Director: I'll have it delivered to the villa later.

Suzaki: Eh? You're gonna pay us?

Director: Somehow, yes. In any case, violence isn't good. Violence doesn't just hurt others...it hurts yourself as well.

Suzaki: ...yes.

Tsunami: Keh! I don't wanna hear any of your lectures! Oi! We're leaving. *they walk away*

Saito: Hey, wait up! You guys are.. Tsunami Tourist Development, right?

Tsunami: Who the hell are you?

Saito: Saito Teruo.

Tsunami: ..! Then you're... the guy who the president called out from Tokyo?

Henchman: What joke is this??

Saito: Ahah! Sorry about punching you a minute ago. Ran...I'll see you around.

Ran: Hn.

They walk off.

Director: Can you show me that? *takes the sword from Ran*

Ran: Eh??

Director: It's not a very old sword...but it's certainly magnificent. Well...I'll hold on to this.

Ran: Wh...what??

Inside the Director's office.

Director: *pouring tea* Is that right? So you're Sen-san's nephew? *sets the teacup in front of Ran* Sen-san's skills as a gardener is truly top class. Please, have some tea. Have some kasumaki as well. It's a dessert that's been in Tsushima since the Edo era...

Ran: *cutting in* --about my sword!

Director: Aah, that's right. It was you, wasn't it? Who saved Taiyou-san.

Ran: Taiyou-san?

Director: Fortunately, she's going to be alright. You really are a courageous individual.

Ran: Whatever, just gimme my sword!

Director: This Waniura was called Wanitsu in Japan's early history. It's been a steadfast part of Japanese history from the very beginning.

Ran: Huh?

Director: If I'm not mistaken...according to law, one isn't permitted to walk around indiscriminately with a sword.

Ran: That's...

Director: In any case, while you are here in the rehab center, I will hold on to the sword. I hope that's alright.

Ran: Looks like you've got some knowledge of martial arts.

Director: Martial arts? No...nothing much other than the arts...

Ran: But you took the sword from me so easily!

Director: Hm. I didn't have any hostile intentions. Therefore, you were probably just careless around me. That's all.

Ran: That's it..?

Someone knocks on the door and enters.

Sen: Director.

Director: Sen-san! Your nephew...

Ran: Uncle!! *jumps up*

Sen: Ooh, Ran! You've certainly grown! *walks over*

Ran: You too! *they laugh*

Sen takes Ran outside to show him the ropes.

Sen: Over there. That's Kritiker's secret base.

Ran: Just looks like a run-down shack to me.

Sen: Isn't it artistic?

Ran: Hah...artistic. So what kind of work do you do mostly out here in the Tsushima unit?

Sen: Mostly? Hmm...I suppose it's the caretaking of this yard here. So the flowers will bloom when the seasons come around.

Ran: That's the outward work, right? I'm talking about the Kritiker work.

Sen: Aah. I send a report at the end of every month. "This month, the island was peaceful, with no incidents to speak of."

Ran: There's really nothing?? Tsushima has some incidents, sometimes, right? Like a...bizarre serial killing?

Sen: I hear it was quite troublesome when the Mongolians invaded...

Ran: When are talking about??

Sen: Just carry on and relax, hm? Oh dear, I have to hurry! The ferry will be leaving from the Hitakasu port shortly. *gets in his car and starts the engine*

Ran: Ferry? Are you going to Hakata?

Sen: Yes...Hakata tonight, and Sapporo tomorrow.

Ran: Sapporo??

Sen: It's my hometown. Well then, Ran...best of luck to you, as the new leader of Tsushima Kritiker. *starts to drive off*

Ran: H...hey, hey heeeey! Don't tell me you're gonna leave me here all by myself!!

Sen: Send my regards to the director. *drives off*

Ran: Aaah, wait!!! ....he left!

Ran & Sun ~

Setting: Outside the rehab center, near the cliff. Ran is walking, pondering over his life.

Ran: So I'm here all by myself on some distant island. Even though I've come this far, the flames of vengeance hinder my sleep. And when I do sleep, I have dreams that are steeped in blood. "Discard your vengeful spirit. Don't draw the sword. Draw it only to save people." *sighs* Shion...your teachings are still so hard for me to understand. Every time I draw it, it feels like I'll succumb to a violent impulse. Come to think...that director...he said he was able to take the sword from me because he had no hostility. That might be that thing called "no mind." I wonder if I can come close to that state of mind while I'm here in Tsushima? Oh? There's someone at the edge of the cliff...? That's--! *rushes up*

Taiyou: *sighs*

Ran: Look out!! *grabs her and they fall to the ground*

Taiyou: No! Let me go!!

Ran: It's dangerous! You could've fallen in again!

Taiyou: I could...go to the place beyond the ocean.

Ran: Beyond the ocean?

Taiyou: The other world. The afterlife. The world after death.

Ran: You were...trying to kill yourself??

Taiyou: No. But I don't feel like living, either.

Ran: Eh?

Taiyou: It doesn't matter. Even though I'm living, it's like I'm dead anyways.

Ran: Why do you say that?

Taiyou: It was you, wasn't it? The one who saved me, even though I never asked.

Ran: Sounds like you wanna say I shouldn't have done it.

Taiyou: Not...really.

Suzuki: Taiyou-sama! *running up* Taiyou-sama! Ooh, Taiyou-sama. There you are. Oh? You are...?

Ran: I'm the gardener...

Suzuki: Oooh! You! Thank you! Thank you so very much for saving her. I have been serving by Taiyou-sama's side since she was born seventeen years ago. But not until today have I...

Taiyou: Suzuki-san! I'm going back to my room.

Suzuki: Huh? ...alright. Excuse us.

Ran: Yeah..

Suzuki and Taiyou walk off.

Ran: Taiyou-chan, huh? She's an unusual child.

Director: Could you talk to her?

Ran: Aaah!! Director! Since when were you...??

Director: She was rather sickly when she was younger, and spent some time here in the rehabilitation center. Since then, she comes to visit every so often. But since coming here last summer, she hasn't expressed any wish to go home...even though it's already spring now. Something very saddening must have happened when she was in Tokyo. She's always just listening to the sound of the ocean, alone. Her older brother in Tokyo says that she has to go back to high school and take supplementary classes before the beginning of the semester or she won't be promoted to the next grade.

Ran: Ooh.

Director: There are mostly elderly folks here, and she probably doesn't have many people she can talk to. I was worried that she'll close herself off even more. Ran-kun, if you could...

Ran: Wait! I can't get people to open up to me, or anything admirable like that...

Director: No...if you could just talk to her. Please.

Ran: ...ok...

Later, inside the center.

Elderly woman: Oh! Taiyou-chan! Good morning.

Taiyou: Oh...good morning.

Elderly woman: When I see your smile, I'm filled with hope...or I should say, the joy of living.

Taiyou: Oh...

Elderly man: Oh! Taiyou-chan! Good morning.

Taiyou: Good morning.

Elderly woman: When I see your smile, I'm filled with hope...or I should say, the joy of living.

Taiyou: Oh...

Little girl: Oneechan!1 Good morning! When I see your smile, I get the hope of...um...I feel happy!

Taiyou: Is that so...

Ran: Hey! When I see your smile...

Taiyou: ...you're filled with hope, or the joy of living, right?

Ran: Right, right! Exactly!

Taiyou: You're the one who got everyone to say it, aren't you?

Ran: Eh...? Wh...what are you talking about?

Taiyou: I know. The director probably asked you to be my companion, and to convince me to go back to high school in Tokyo.

Ran: Eh...no, that's...

Taiyou: I hate it when people feel sorry for me!! *starts to walk off*

Ran: Wait, wait up! *walks after her* Yeah, it's true...I did ask everyone to say that your smile makes them feel good. But everyone took me up on it happily! It's not like they were lying. They just didn't say it before.

Taiyou: *opens a door and walk into her room*

Ran: That was what they really were thinking!

Taiyou: Ew, don't follow me into my room!

Ran: Eh? Ooh! Sorry! But...it's certainly a clean room.

Taiyou: Even if I make a mess, Suzuki-san always cleans up after me.

Ran: Suzuki? Oh! That old man. Come to think of it...I haven't seen him around this morning.

Taiyou: If something happens, he'll come rushing out. He's hiding so he's not in the way.

Ran: Ehh??

Taiyou: My brother and Suzuki-san...they don't let me do anything! Same thing at school! Every time I try to do something, my teachers and classmates fly over and say I can't do it because it's dangerous.

Ran: Is that why you don't wanna go back to school?

Taiyou: Actually, I wanted to join a motorcycle gang.

Ran: EH????

Taiyou: I wanna ride a bike and cause a ruckus! It'll feel like such a load off! My brother, Suzuki-san, my teachers and classmates - they'll all be so shocked!

Ran: Hey...!

Taiyou: But if I can't see, then I can't drive...I can't even be part of a motorcycle gang. I don't see the point in living.

Ran: No point...huh? ....hey, what's this? This black, bumpy thing?

Taiyou: Eh?

Ran: The thing hanging on the wall. A sculpture? Or an art piece...it's pretty big, whatever it is.

Taiyou: Two years ago, my brother took me to nanfutsu2.

Ran: Nanfutsu? Ooh, southern France.

Taiyou: One day, I met a blind painter. He said he painted pictures for people who couldn't see, like him. And so I had him paint this picture for me.

Ran: Eh? This is a...painting? How do you see it?

Taiyou: Like this. *demonstrates*

Ran: Oh! You touch it. Alright.

Taiyou: No. Close your eyes. You don't touch it. You see it with your hands.

Ran: See it with your hands? Like this? There's a wide...open land. Vast sky. And... there's a flower blooming. A big flower. A sunflower!

Taiyou: You can see it?

Ran: Yeah, I can see it! I see it!

A girl's laughter can be heard in the imaginary world of the painting.

Ran: Under a large, blue sky...the intense yellow of sunflowers covers the ground, spreading all the way to the horizon. You're wearing a white sleeveless summer dress and white sandals, and you're on your tiptoes...stretching your little hand to the sky. What are you trying to grab? Oh! A straw hat! Your straw hat is blowing in the wind. Under the bright sunlight from above, your face is shining. Like the sun. That's right...in this field of sunflowers, you are at the center of the world. You are...the sun!

Taiyou: You really can see it.

Ran: Oh...that's odd. When I open my eyes, I can't see it anymore. But I really did see the yellow color of the sunflowers.

Taiyou: The sunflowers, blue sky...and me. It really is a picture, just like that. That's what I see, too. But...no one who had eyesight could see it before. Why...why is it that you could see it?

Ran: I wonder..

Yelling can be heard in the distance.

Vice President: Quit messing around!!

Ran: What was that?

In the director's office.

President: Hey, Vice President, you keep out of this!

Vice President: Yes...my apologies.

President: Haha. Sorry about that. It seems like our employees are pretty hot-blooded.

Director: Ah...so why don't you donate some blood?

President: Hahaha...if possible, I'd like to avoid any bloodshed. That is why I had the chief of finance from the prefecture come with me today as well.

Finance Chief: Wow, I really was surprised! This is my first time in Tsushima, but it certainly is quite far into the mountains! I can't believe it's in the same prefecture.

Director: That's certain. In the History of Three Kingdoms' Record of Japan,3 it was written, the land is steeply mountainous, heavily forested and the roads are like the paths of the wild. It hasn't really changed much since then.

President: It's that land that's at issue here.

Finance Chief: Aah, yes, that's right. This was originally a prefectural land. We had rented it out to you for the purpose of building a rehabilitation center, but...as you well know, the prefecture's financial situation is in grave jeopardy at the moment. We're in the process of selling off lands that aren't profitable.

Director: But...

Finance Chief: And we got a business offer from Tsunami Tourist Development. They want to build a resort hotel on this land and bring in tourism from Korea. This is the era where we wish to build friendships between Japan and Korea. From the prefecture's view as well, we think it might be best if the rehab center could relocate...

Director: Chief. All our patients here require long term care. However, they cannot afford to stay in a regular hospital. They don't have anywhere else to go except here. Of course, we don't have any money to relocate...

Finance Chief: Ooh...that. If you discuss that with the welfare division of the prefecture, then something can be...

Director: You know very well that nothing can be done! And the other thing...can the prefecture really assist Tsunami in building a large scale casino here??

Finance Chief: That's not...possible...!

President: Hahahaha! That's exactly the plan! We're going to mobilize the fishing boats here and bring over gambling patrons from Korea, one after the other. Great assets will flow into Tsushima. Wouldn't that be much more beneficial for the people, rather than this rundown rehab center? So, Chief, give him the papers.

Finance Chief: Aah, yes. These are the consent papers handing over the land to the prefecture. If you could sign and seal here...

Director: Tsunami-san!

President: You should set aside your worthless pride, or you and your patients here might find yourselves...

Ran: *barging in* Find themselves what?

President: Who are you??

Ran: Hey, you! *grabs the chief* How much did these guys pay you??

Finance Chief: No, no....I...!

Director: Ran-kun! Stop it.

President: Ahaha! So attitude! You...do you want to work for my company?

Ran: Quit joking around!

President: Director, I'll give you one day. If you're still here in two days, I'll have you removed forcibly! We're leaving.

Vice President: We'll be back.

Finance Chief: Excuse us.

They walk out.

Ran: Director! They're yakuza, aren't they? What are you gonna do? You're not going to hand it over to them, are you??

Director: Well, no need to get so heated up. You know Amenomori Houshuu, don't you?

Ran: Amenomori? Who's that?

Director: He was a Confucian scholar who worked for the Tsushima clan, and he oversaw foreign relations with the Korean peninsula. He said, do not deceive one another, nor fight, but converge over truth. No matter who your opponent, if you have truth on your side, they will most certainly come to understand you.

Ran: Director! To some people in this world, justice doesn't mean anything!

Taiyou: Um...is everything alright?

Director: Oh, Taiyou-san. It's nothing, don't worry about a thing. Ran-kun, you too. Please leave this matter to me.

[ to be continued... ]

1 oneechan - big sister. Used to address someone older than you, not necessarily your blood relation.

2 nanfutsu (
南仏) - "futsu" refers to France, so this translates to southern France. I left this as is because it would be repetitive.

3 The director is referring to the gishi wajinden (
魏志倭人伝), an ancient Chinese text that describes the landscape and civilization of early Japan. Translated text here. The passage described by the director is the second one.



Justice ~正義の味方~

Setting: Outside the rehab center.

Taiyou: *hears footsteps approaching* Oh...it's that person again.

Ran: Could you...come hang out with me?

Taiyou: I'm listening to the sound of the wind. Don't bother me.

Ran: You should try out a different kind of wind from time to time.

Taiyou: Eh?

Ran: Just come on.

He takes her hand and leads her to the road, where he's got the motor running on a bike.

Taiyou: Oh!

Ran: Do you know what this sound is? *revs the engine* So hurry, get on! Here! *helps her on*

Taiyou: I can't! I can't get on a bike...

Ran: But I rented this because you said you wanted to join a motorcycle gang. So come on, grip the handles. Don't worry, I'll help you from behind.

Taiyou: No, I can't do this!

Suzuki: *rushing up* Taiyou-sama! What are you doing?? It's dangerous!

Taiyou: Suzuki-san... Hey! How do I drive this thing?

Ran: Like this!! *they drive off*

Suzuki: Taiyou-sama!!

On the road.

Taiyou: *screaming* Stop it!! I'm scared!!

Ran: I'm speeding up!!

Taiyou: *screams again*

Ran: Alright, I'm gonna let go!!

Taiyou: What? No, you can't! I can't drive this thing on my own!

Ran: It's ok! I've already let go, but we're still speeding away! Oh! We gotta veer to the right!

Taiyou: The right??

Ran: Like this! That's good, that's good!

Taiyou: I'm...really driving by myself?

Ran: Yup! You make a great biker!

They come to a stop near a building.

Ran: What's this place? There's some kind of Chinese looking building in the shape of a hexagon...

They get off the bike and start walking toward it.

Taiyou: You mean Korean? It's called the Korean Observatory.

Ran: Oh...there's stairs there.

Taiyou: I know.

Ran: *laughs* Whoa!

Taiyou: A nice view?

Ran: Yeah! Hey, what's that island over there, with the white dome?

Taiyou: Oh, you mean Uni Island? The Self Defense Forces keep an aerial radar base there.

Ran: The Self Defense Forces? This must be border territory.

Taiyou: Can you see a shoreline beyond that?

Ran: Shoreline? Can you see Korea from here?

Taiyou: It's only about fifty kilometers away.

Ran: Let's see...oh, that? I see it, I can see it! Faintly.

Taiyou: I wonder if the rehab center will be ok...

Ran: Eh?

Taiyou: They don't have anywhere else to go. I'm just there on my own whim, so...

Ran: Mm.

Taiyou: I wonder if I should go back after all...to school in Tokyo.

Ran: You brother, classmates and teachers...they all like you. It might be bothersome to you, but they care about you, and that's why they want to dote after you. Even I...

Taiyou: Eh?

Ran: ...anyway, I think what's important is what you want to do. If you decide to do something, no matter what people tell you, you should just do it.

Taiyou: Yeah...I know. But I don't know what it is I want to do. How I should live...or what the purpose, or meaning of life is.

Ran: That's philosophy. Don't you go to school to find out what those things are?

Taiyou: So I'll know if I go to school?

Ran: Well, I dropped out of high school, so I don't really know.

Taiyou: Oooh, you dropped out? *giggles* Well then, you can't tell me I have to go back to high school then, can you?

Ran: Yeah, I guess not! *laughs* It's not really going to high school that's important. I just think it's not good if you're just running away...from anything.

Taiyou: Mm.

Back on the road.

Ran: What's that gaudy looking house over there?

Taiyou: Eh? On the left? That would be the villa that belongs to Tsunami.

Ran: Oh...so that's it.

Nightfall. Ran is sneaking around outside the Tsunami villa...

Ran: Tsunami Tourist Development's Tsushima villa, huh? Alright, I'm gonna go take a look. From this window... Ah!

An alarm goes off, and confused voices can be heard.

Ran: Che! For some country yakuza, they certainly have some tight security.

Henchman: You again!

Henchman2: Get him!!

Ran: *beats them up*

Saito: *shoots his gun into the air* Alright, that's it.

Ran: Saito!

Saito: Ran, you might be confident about your skills, but coming in here like this by yourself is tantamount to suicide. There's a super top-class professional working these grounds.

Ran: Super top-class? Who are you talking about?

Saito: Me, obviously.

President: *from somewhere inside* What's this fuss?

Saito: Oh...it's the president. Get outta here. My Colt's being temperamental tonight. I don't wanna waste any more bullets.

Ran: Hmph! *runs off*

President: *approaches* Saito. Who was that just now?

Vice President: It wasn't that guy Ran, was it?

Saito: Apparently so.

Vice President: What?? Why didn't you capture him!?

Saito: What would you want with a gardener? You want him to plant some tulips?

Vice President: Gardener, my ass!! That guy uses a Japanese sword!

President: That brat....did he come to kill me on the bidding of that director?

Saito: *laughs* That's thinking a little too hard.

President: Saito!! Who's side are you on? Ours? Or on that director or brat's side?

Saito: Can't say I'm on either.

President: What??

Saito: I've come to sell my skills with the gun.

President: Fine! I'll give you a job then. Take out that brat with that gun of yours.

Saito: Eh..

President: Got it?

Saito: Heh. If it's a job... *cocks his gun*

The next day. Ran is working in the garden when he gets a visitor...

Ran: *digs into the ground with a shovel* Taking care of a garden is heavy labor. Ikebana suits me better. *exhales* Alright...what should I do? Those guys will come for us eventually. If it's just me against them all, there are too many of them. And there's that Saito... *senses someone behind him*

Saito: *walking up* Stay just where you are. My gun's pointed right at the back of your head. Put the shovel down and stand up, slowly. That's right, good boy. Alright...so why don't you walk to the edge of the cliff for me, hm?

Taiyou: *runs up* Hey, hey, what are you doing? Oh...?

Ran: My friend's come over to visit.

Taiyou: Friend?

Saito: ...yeah.

Taiyou: Hello.

Saito: Hello.

Taiyou: *hears something in Saito's hand* Oh? What are you holding?

Saito: Er...

Ran: A shovel! He was helping me with the gardening.

Saito: Right, a shovel! Because poking around in the garden is so much fun. Hey, Ran. I have to talk to you about something. Let's go behind to the mountain.

Ran: Ooh, ok. Sorry...This guy, he says he wants to talk to me about something that can't be said in front of a girl.

Taiyou: Eh? So is that...?

Saito: *in a low voice, to Ran* Hey...don't say it all weird like that. *louder* Alright, let's go!

Taiyou: Um..! I have to talk to you too. I just called my brother a moment ago...

Ran: We'll talk later. I'll come right back.

Taiyou: Ok.

Ran and Saito walk off.

Saito: This is a good spot.

Ran: It sure...IS!

Ran turns around and punches him. Saito's gun goes off, and falls to the ground.

Saito: Bastard!!

They struggle, punching and kicking each other. Suddenly from the bushes, a low growling sound can be heard.

Saito: WAIT!

Ran: Was that a...??

Saito: Tsushima leopard cat! So there's one living here?

A man screams in the distance.

Saito: What was that?

Ran: That's coming from the rehab center!

Saito: Go! We'll continue this later. We can't disturb the poor Tsushima leopard cat.

Ran: *laughs* Is that right? Hey, here's your gun. *tosses it to him*

Saito: Heh. Thanks.

Ran runs off.

Saito: So. Maybe I'll go look for the leopard cat's nest.

Back at the rehab center.

Suzuki: Ow....ouch...

Ran: *running up* Hey! What's happened??

Suzuki: Taiyou-sama...was....

Ran: Taiyou-chan??

Suzuki: She was kidnapped.

Ran: WHAT??

Suzuki: I put my life on the line to save her, but...I couldn't do anything...

Ran: It was those guys from Tsunami, right?

Suzuki: This kind of thing has never happened in all my lifetime...

Ran: The director. Where's the director??

Meanwhile, the director has come to bargain for Taiyou's release.

Taiyou: Director!

Director: Ooh, Taiyou-san!

President: Stop right there! *shoots his gun into the air* Director, did you put your seal on those consent papers?

Director: They're right here.

President: Alright, come here.

A vehicle suddenly drives up on them.

President: What's this??

Ran: It's the defender of justice!

President: What??

Director: Ran-kun!

Taiyou: So he came...came to rescue me!

Ran: Taiyou-chan, over here! *pulls up with a screech*

Taiyou: Ok!

Ran: Director, you too, hurry!

Director: Alright!

President: Stop!!

The car drives off, veering wildly as the occupants grab hold.

President: Damn it!! *shoots his gun*

In the car.

Ran: Were you scared?

Taiyou: Yeah. But I believed that you'd...definitely come to my rescue.

Ran: Yeah?

Director: Ran-kun. I am worried, whether this is the right way to go about it...

Ran: You can't get through to these guys by talking. If you bend to their violence, what's gonna happen to all the people at the rehab center??

Director: Mm...

Back at the Tsunami villa.

President: You idiot!! *kicks his subordinate* You too! *kicks another one* You were all made fools of by that little brat! Aren't you ashamed of yourselves??

Henchman: I'm sorry...

President: Shut up!! *kicks him*

Saito: Ahahaha... President, it's not good to vent your frustrations unjustly. You should take good care of your subordinates.

President: Saito!! Where the hell were you wandering around at a time like this?? That brat's still alive and kicking!!

Saito: Er...well...I kinda ran into a leopard cat...

President: IDIOT!! You're fired. Fired!!

Saito: Heh! Fired? Oh geez...is it the era where assassins can get laid off, too? Alright then. If you could pay me my fee through today...

President: Fee?? Don't fuck with me, you bastard, you hardly worked at all! Now beat it! Hey you all! Get yourselves together! If it's come to this, I'll give them what's comin' to them! Kill the director and that brat! Patients, the kids, it doesn't matter! Kill them all and burn that place down!

Parting is the Beginning of Meeting ~

Setting: Outside the rehab center. Ran and Taiyou are listening to the ocean waves.

Taiyou: Hey.

Ran: Hm?

Taiyou: Why did you come to Tsushima? If you're a gardener, you can do that in Tokyo too, right?

Ran: Mm.

Taiyou: Do you have some other goal?

Ran: No...that's...

Taiyou: I wanna ask something of you.

Ran: Eh....

Taiyou: The ship's coming for me tomorrow.

Ran: Ship...? Are you going back to Tokyo then?

Taiyou: Yeah. I've decided. I was blaming it on my brother, or the teachers, or my classmates, but in truth...I was just running away from myself. From living my life on my own. Tsushima's a wonderful place, but I know I can't hide myself here forever. I need to go home to Tokyo, and face myself, and live my life.

Ran: Alright.

Taiyou: But...it's kind of sad to go home by myself.

Ran: Isn't Suzuki-san going with you?

Taiyou: He doesn't matter! I want...you to be with me.

Ran: Eh...

Taiyou: You'll come with me...won't you?

Ran: Taiyou-chan...I...

Suzaki: *suddenly running up, screaming* This is terrible! Terrible!!

Ran: What's going on?

Director: What's happened?

Suzaki: Director! The Tsunami people! They've come in their trucks! With shotguns!

Director: So they have come.

Ran: Director! This is my fault!

Director: No. I was wrong. The spirit of negotiation is more important than anything. However, one must fight against unreasonable violence!

Suzaki: Fight? But how??

Ran: Take everyone and evacuate them to the back hills! Director, could you give me back my sword?

Director: ...alright. But Ran-kun...

Ran: Yes?

Director: Even if they are yakuza, please do not take their lives!

Ran: *sighs*

Taiyou: Can I stay with you?

Ran: No! You need to evacuate, with Suzuki-san. Ok?

Taiyou: Yeah.

The yakuza drive up in their trucks, making a ruckus and shooting their guns.

President: Heeey! Director! Get out here! *shoots gun*

Director: What should we do, Ran-kun?

Ran: Three of them have shotguns. If I make a dash for it and take down the three of them, we have a chance.

Director: That's too risky!

Ran: I can be shot one or two times, I'm not gonna die.

Director: You are...

Ran: Taaaa!! *runs out, wielding his sword*

Henchman: It's him!!

Henchman2: Shoot him! Shoot and kill him!

Shots are fired, but the ones that go down are the yakuza.

Ran: Huh?

Saito: Ran! I've taken care of all the shotguns! Do whatever you want, now!

Ran: Saito!

President: You bastard! You've betrayed me!

Saito: Come now, President! You fired me, remember? My employer now is the Tsushima leopard cat! Because this is their sacred ground.

President: Keh! Acting up again! Get him! Beat 'em to death! Kill them all!

Ran: Not if I can help it!

They rumble, and Ran strikes at them with his sword.

Ran: Heh! Don't worry, I've used the back of my sword. But you....President Tsunami! *flips his sword's edge* You won't get away with just the back of the sword!

President: W-w-wait! If we talk, I swear you'll understand! Why don't we go with the spirit of talking it over, huh? Yeah? If we talk...

Director: Ran-kun, watch out!! *throws something at the president, who drops a gun*

Saito: Woah! To think he'd throw a shuriken...no, scalpel and make him drop his gun! Not bad!

Ran: Bastard!!

President: Aaah! Save me!! Save me! Please don't kill me! Don't kill me!

Director: *running up* Ran-kun! You mustn't kill him!

Sirens can be heard in the background.

Ran: Director..

Director: Tsunami-san, you can talk these matters over thoroughly at the police station and the courthouse.

President: *groans*

The next day, at the port.

Director: Taiyou-san, please come again soon.

Taiyou: Ok.

Saito: Here...this is a leopard cat mug. Use it, if you like.

Taiyou: Thank you. So Saito-san, you're going to be working at the Tsushima wildlife conservation center?

Saito: Yeah, the director introduced me. But what's up with that Ran? Why didn't he come to see you off?

Director: We haven't seen him since this morning.

The ship's horn blows.

Taiyou: Oh...

Ferry captain: We'll be taking off soon!

Suzuki: Taiyou-sama, shall we wait a little longer?

Taiyou: Hm...but...

The other patients have come to see her off, wishing her well and asking her to come back again soon.

Director: Take care of yourself!

Taiyou: You too! Good bye! Good bye everyone! Thank you! *rides off on the ship*

Elsewhere on the island.

Ran: Taiyou-chan...forgive me. I said a lot of grand things, but I'm really just a half-ass guy myself. I don't have the strength to go through with my revenge, but don't have the power to destroy the vengeance either. I'm gonna try to train myself a little more on this island. I'll take a harder look at myself.

On the ferry.

Taiyou: It's him!

Suzuki: Eh?

Taiyou: Do you see? Watching us from the Korean Observatory.

Suzuki: The Korean Observatory...where is that now?

Taiyou: I can hear his voice!

Ran: That picture...where you're standing in the sunflower field...it's still burned in my mind. It's so bright. Taiyou...

Suzuki: Taiyou-sama...

Ferry captain: Should I turn it back to the port?

Taiyou: No...it's ok. We'll definitely meet again. Definitely...

Ending Theme: New Song

Kitten's House

Setting: Morning at the Kitten's House.

Omi: *yawns* So sleepy! I gotta get this place set up!

Ken: *drives up on his bike*

Omi: Oh, Ken-kun! Good morning!

Ken: Hey! Omi, I picked up the flowers you ordered.

Omi: Thanks, good work. Oh yeah! Aya-kun said he had some stuff to take care of this morning, so we have to open with just the three of us. But Yohji-kun hasn't arrived yet.

Ken: Yeah? Well I guess there's no point in just waiting around, so why don't we get started?

Omi: Yeah ok.

Yohji's room.

Yohji: *lights a cigarette* Geez...I got drunk, that's kinda rare. Heh...dreams, huh...?

Flashback to last night, a bar.

Yohji: So, what'll you have?

Ayumi: I'll have a Kahlua milk, I think.

Yohji: What, you're gonna start with a dessert?

Ayumi: I like sweet things. Is that childish?

Yohji: Ahah. Sweet...huh? Alright, I'll have my usual. And for this lady here, a Kahlua milk.

Bartender: Very well.

Yohji: So...Ayumi-chan, was it? You snagged me as I was passing by and said I'd promised to take you out for drinks...and I'm flattered, but...

Ayumi: You're so mean, Yohji-san. So you really don't remember!

Yohji: Er...well...mmm... Promise, huh?

Ayumi: Aww! I guess I'm not very attractive.

Yohji: No...I'm pretty sure I wouldn't forget if I had made a promise with someone like you.

Ayumi: That makes me happy. Actually, I lied. Yohji-san, you work at a flower shop, right? I'm always passing by, but it's always packed with girls there. I'd seen you at the bar a few times, and you're always with a pretty woman. And I always thought you were so cool, and wanted to sit with you for a drink sometime.

Bartender: A Kahlua milk.

Ayumi: Thank you.

Bartender: Your usual.

Yohji: Thanks. Cool...huh? Hn. I just wanna drink tasty sake. Looks like it'll be tasty today as well.

Ayumi: I'm glad! But...I'm sorry to invite you out all the sudden. I just wanted to have a drink today. But it's lonely by myself, and still...I didn't wanna drink with friends or co-workers. And that's when you passed by! I was a little nervous, but you seemed really nice, and I thought you might hang out with me.

Yohji: Hmm...so I guess I bring good luck. Well then...to lovely encounters...cheers.

Ayumi: Cheers.

Glasses clink.

Yohji: So...? You look like you wanna talk about something.

Ayumi: Do I look like I have something on my mind?

Yohji: You do.

Ayumi: *giggles* Guess you see right through me. Hey...what's your dream?

Yohji: Dream?

Ayumi: Yeah. Today, my best friend at work quit. But...it wasn't to get married. What do you think...? She's going to Italy to study cooking, and open a restaurant. I had no idea she'd wanted to do that. She said it was her dream. She had sparkly eyes as she said that dreams are for coming true. I'd never asked her what her dream was, until then! It was kind of a shock. But when she talked about "dreams," I thought...what was my dream?

Yohji: Dreams...

Back in the present, flowershop.

Omi: Yohji-kun's late, huh?

Ken: He was probably out late drinking last night.

Omi: That's right, Ken-kun...we should make that arrangement that was ordered yesterday.

Ken: We're gonna use valerians, right? It's not a flower we usually keep in stock here so I brought some extra, just in case.

Omi: Ken-kun...I think that's a little too much?

Ken: You think? Someone's bound to think it's kinda rare and buy it!

Omi: It'll be unfortunate if they were left over, so let's make an arrangement for the display, too. So since you took the order yesterday, can you make it?

Ken: I can, but are you sure it's ok to leave it up to me? Remember I made that one last week...

Omi: Oooh. You mean the arrangement that I had remake because the customer didn't like it? But that was just because it didn't fit that particular customer's tastes... I think you have great sense of color! Although, it can be a little gaudy sometimes...

Ken: So I'll leave it up to you then. I'll take good care of it and deliver it.

Omi: Alright, fine. I wanted to clean up first. But it's times like these when Yohji-kun and Aya-kun aren't around.

Ken: Well, let's just work hard then until they get here.

Aya-chan's hospital room.

Aya: *walks in and sits* Good morning, Aya. Today I asked the head nurse for permission to come see you in the morning. Why? I have to work this afternoon, so I can't come. Oh yeah, I was cleaning up yesterday, and I came across an essay you wrote. It was your "dream for the future." Aya, do you remember what you wrote? It was an essay you wrote in fourth grade, and you said you wanted to own a cake shop when you grew up. Come to think, you and Mom used to bake cookies all the time. Those sweets you made then were always your practice materials. The shapes were a little off, but they tasted pretty good. You gave them to me just before dinner time saying you made them just for me, and I had to eat a whole bunch. I was so full. And you asked me again and again, "Is it good?" You looked so happy when I replied, "they're good." That made me happy too. But...I was a little disappointed when we were having my favorite for dinner, hamburger. I was so full I couldn't eat any. I was kind of upset. Do you remember? Come to think, Dad had cookies with his evening drink too. He didn't even like sweets, but he kept saying "they're good, they're good," and looked so happy as he ate them. "Aya, you'll definitely be a great baker. Leave the shop to me, I'll put up the money for the startup cost," he'd say over and over as he got a little tipsy. You said, "Definitely, right? It's a promise," and you had him pinkie swear. Promise. It's your dream, right....? Aya!


Yohji: *running up* Sorry I'm late!

Omi: Good morning, Yohji-kun! Good! I've gotta make the arrangement for an order we got yesterday. Will you help me?

Yohji: Ok!

Aya: I'm home.

Ken: Welcome back. That was fast. Just in time, too. Omi's arranging the order, could you help him?

Aya: Got it.

Phone rings.

Ken: I'll get it. *picks up* Thank you for calling, this is the flower shop Kitten's House. Yes....yes. Yes, I understand. We'll deliver it in about an hour then.

Yohji: Omi, what's your...dream?

Omi: Eh? Yohji-kun, that's a really odd question, coming from you!

Yohji: Oh...just, sort of...

Ken: Hey, Yohji! You got an order. They want a bouquet. I wrote the details on this paper. Here.

Yohji: Let me see. What what?

Ken: Yohji, is it someone you know? You want me to help?

Yohji: No, that's ok. I'll do it.


Yohji: *arranging the flowers*

Omi: Oh, Yohji-kun! You finished the bouquet. It's so pretty! The flowers and wrapping paper are in matching reds...very passionate and positive imagery!

Ken: It really is pretty. What flowers did you use?

Omi: Hm...African daisies. Geraniums. Poppies, right? And...are these raspberries?

Yohji: Yup. Raspberries. And currants.

Omi: This arrangement's got great balance! Hey, what kind of order was it?

Ken: They said it was going to be sent to a friend who was quitting the company.

Omi: Ooh. I wonder if they're quitting to get married? But this bouquet...it's passionate, but if I were to choose, I'd say it was more stylish. It doesn't seem to fit the image of a marriage...

Ken: Yohji...do you know something about this customer?

Yohji: Sort of. Hey, Aya...you have good handwriting, right? Sorry to trouble you, but could you write a message on this card for me?

Aya: Sure.

Yohji: (his voice turns into Ayumi's voice) "The brilliance in your eyes as you headed out to achieve your dreams was so beautiful. My dream is to be proposed to while dining at your restaurant. Please fulfill your dream soon, so I won't be waiting too long. I'm rooting for you. To my beloved Mitsuko, from Ayumi."

Omi: Fulfilling...your dreams, huh? Hey, we need to deliver Ayumi-san's feelings.

Yohji: Ken, could you deliver it.

Ken: Sure. But...shouldn't you do it?

Yohji: It's ok.

Ken: Alright, I'll go deliver this!

Omi: See you, Ken-kun! Drive safe.

Ken: Yeah. *drives off*

Omi: It's a florist's job to deliver our customer's feelings for others, isn't it?

Yohji: Idiot. Stop tryin' to act all cool.

Aya: Alright. Back to work.

Next Mission

Yohji: That night, in the chasm of those buildings, the first red flower bloomed.

Omi: The dark cannot be forgiven!

Ken: We step out onto a path where there's no turning back. The path to hell.

Koyasu: Weiss Kreuz: Wish a Dream Collection 4 - First Mission.

Aya: Black beasts...die a suffering death!


Kuwashima: I am Kuwashima Houko, playing Taiyou. I had much fun playing Taiyou-chan, after a long absence. It was very funny because Koyasu-san was blushing from beginning to end. *laughs* Thank you very much!

Koyasu: I'm Koyasu Takehito, playing not Aya this time, but Ran. This time, we deliver to you "Taiyou's Ran," which is a story that brings a bit of a different flavor from Weiss. For me, this was a bit...embarrassing. There was a story called Endless Rain, and this is the Ran-kun that follows right after that. He's got some oddly...refreshing aspects, saying things like "defender of justice." Being a Ran-kun that's a bit hard to imagine from the Aya of Weiss. So as I was playing this role, the staff members would say on occasion that it was creeping them out. *laughs* But I was very much into this, even while Kuwashima-san kept saying was I slacking off. This might have seemed a little add-on of his boyhood days, but I feel like Aya-kun's tragedies to come can't truly be appreciated unless you see where he has come from. So I feel this had to be done, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. There were some embarrassing moments for me, but I await your thoughts. Thank you very much.


-- END --


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