Apr. 8th, 2011

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Forever White translated by Jey Kama

HopeForlorn mod notes: Jey Kama alludes to the fact that this is a partial translation. Could someone tell me if that is indeed true? If it is, does anyone have a full copy that they would like to share?

Jey Kama's notes: I don't have much to say about Forever White until I physically translate more, either about the entire story (though I have a vague idea) or its making. Ken'ichi Kanemaki is responsible for the Dramatic Image Album I & II story, the lyrics for "Truth" and "White Flames", Hiro Yuuki's maxisingle drama & lyrics, et cetera. Kyouko Tsuchiya is... well... Kyouko Tsuchiya.

As for the story so far, there are a few differences in character personalities and story details which I ought to mention in comparison to say, the CD dramas and manga. One of which is Aya-chan.

In the manga/anime/dramas, Aya-chan is in a sleeping coma. In Forever White, she seems more in a vegetative coma, where her eyes are open, but with no other apparent mental function. Though the effect is the same - either way, they're unconscious with no idea whether they can recover. I just think it sucks more because it looks like she's conscious.

Another difference is Aya's attitude and thought process, but as that's a very complicated thing to describe, I won't go into it. Needless to say, he's somewhat cold(er) and more prone to following his instincts, and also, Omi is much more genki and bubbly.

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