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Update News:

Do you have anything that you would like to contribute to Weiss fans by way of this community? We are looking for full translations, fanworks, or anything that you think would make a fan go "SQUEE!" Drop me a private message or leave a quick comment. I would be glad to entertain with kudos and cookies!

May 16:
I have been under pressure to wrap up a final project for a scholarship. Once that is done - hopefully this week, I will be back to posting regularly.

Many images still not up - scanning and sorting is in progress.


Earthquake and Tsunami information:
if you have been concerned about seiyuu, mangaka, musicians/singers or other personalities in Japan, this spreadsheet is a wealth of information on their status. I've bookmarked it and check back periodically. Also, donations can be made through several organizations including the Red Cross or you can check out the auctions at [community profile] help_japan (I believe there is one on LJ too).


I know we have been on hiatus for far to long, but there had been major life-related things bashing me over the head. Now, I have the time and I am mustering the energy to put this back together again. And I had said that once I returned from Japan, I would be up and working this again, so here I am.

You will notice some links here, but some go back to my previous attempt at InsaneJournal. Those will be changed to Dreamwidth as soon as the information is live. Also, I am redoing the music portion, so you will find no music there.

Bear with me. I will get everything up and stable this summer.

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