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Weiß Side B Manga Translations: Preview

Words in [square brackets] contain a description of what's going on.
Three asterisks (***) show a page-break.
Concept: Koyasu Takehito.
Manga: Oomine Shouko. Translation
Translator: Unknown (if you know who translated this, please let me know so I can credit)

Narration: Like an oblivion-black mantle, the night conceals everything. Only shrill footsteps echo in an alley.
[A lonely, lamp-lit street in an unfamiliar country.]
Caption: About to be killed!
[A lone girl (Kurumi) runs along the street, clutching a black handbag. There's the sound of clattering behind her.]
Kurumi (pants): "Haa, haa, haa..."
[Kurumi trips.]
Kurumi: "Kyaa-"
[She looks almost too exhausted to get up.]
Kurumi: "... Why...?"
[Her head snaps up as she hears the clattering sound again.]
Kurumi: "Huh?"
[She gets up and keeps running.]
Kurumi: "What did I...What do they think I did...!?"
Caption: Weiß. They are the pure White that blooms in the abyss.
Caption: Those who hunt the black beasts whom the law does not judge.
Caption: The Dark Avengers.
[Weiß's secretary (Mihirogi) appears to brief them.]
Mihirogi: "The details in accordance with the written data. Today's target--"
[Pictures of Kurumi running away.]
Mihirogi: "In Britain, the discovery that the company Grancoster-Wells developed in absolute secrecy, 'Human Interleukin-3', has been stolen. Innocents died for the sake of their own pleasure that they got from the overuse of that medicine."
[Mihirogi has all of Weiß's complete attention.]
Mihirogi: "Your mission is the punishment of these heinous & unjust targets! When each target's profile has been input afterwards, you will get your equipment and go on the mission - is that okay!?"
Mihirogi: "Ken?"
Ken: "Yeah."
Mihirogi: "Michel?"
Michel: "Ye~s <3"
Mihirogi: "Yuki?"
Yuki: "...Yes."
Mihirogi: "Free?"
Free: "OK!"
Mihirogi: "Chloé?"
Chloé: "...ja."
Mihirogi: "...Aya?"
Aya: "...Understood."
Mihirogi: "Splendid. For the sake of protecting the Innocents... Set!"
[Kurumi is still running.]
Caption: About to be killed!
Mihirogi: "Kryptonbrand Side B. Under the name of K.R."
[Kurumi is being chased.]
Caption: Kill her!
[As the people who are chasing her reach out for her:]
Girl: "If they catch me- I-"
[They grab her hair.]
Girl: "Nooo~!"
Mihirogi: "Hunt the tomorrow of these black beasts!"
[The man who had grabbed the girl's hair gets his fingers cut off by Aya's katana. Meanwhile, Chloé sweeps her off her feet and away from them.]
Man who had his fingers taken off: "Agh! Aaaagh!"
[A whip snakes out and wraps around the same man. There's an explosion.]
[Free and Michel pose with their scythes and whip.]
Free: "The current card is 'The Hanged Man'."
Michel: "Doing such a thing as grabbing a lady's hair... It fits you, doesn't it?"
Men: "Hey!"
Men: "Wh-What!? Over there!"
Ken: "If you keep looking up, it will lead to your dishonor."
[Ken appears, claws extended.]
Bad guy: "!"
[Ken slices into him, knocking the gun out of his hand.]
Bad guy: "Uaaaa!"
[Two villains run away.]
Ken: "They left, Yuki. There are two remaining."
Yuki (over headset): "Understood."
[Yuki talks into a microphone.]
Ken (over headset): "You're interfering! You've been told to stay put!"
Yuki: "I know."
[The men run off, and towards Yuki.]
Men: "!"
Yuki: "...Good evening, gentlemen."
[He sits in front of them, holding his scythe.]
Yuki: "The trap which I made before this has been set. If you leave, do take care not to be blown up."
[The men stare.]
Men: "U - Ku' - So - Oo -!"
[The men go for Yuki, but Aya gets between them.]
Aya: "Although that's a lie..."
[Aya cuts with his katana, and one of the men lies dead on the ground.]
[Aya holds another man hostage, katana against his neck. Chloé poses alongside the man.]
Aya: "...What should be done after this is to answer our questions."
Chloé: "...If that is done, you'll have just enough time to offer up the sign of the Cross."
Man: "......"
Aya: "I thank you.“
Aya: "Your filthy life could rescue this girl's future."
Aya: "Towards the unknown, under the supervision of your chosen God, go."
[Kurumi lies motionless.]
[Mihirogi talks into a mobile phone]
Mihirogi: "Good. These people are as you expected. K.R.'s mission completion ability is by far the best. Please, put yourself at ease. They exceed our expectations."
[Elsewhere, Weiß approach Kurumi.]
Ken: "...Did she faint?"
Free: "...... Right now, that's fine."
[Aya removes his mask.]
Aya: "If she wakes from her dream, this girl may find herself held in another prison..."

[Story continues in the February issue of ZeroSum.]



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