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Wish A Dream Collection 1: Dream of Spring

This is only a summary. If you have an actual translation of this drama cd, please let me know! I would love to catalog it here for the fans.


Fujimiya Aya:
Koyasu Takehito
Hidaka Ken: Seki Tomokazu
Kudou Youji: Miki Shinichirou
Tsukiyono Omi: Yuuki Hiro
Manx: Horikoshi Mami
Birman: Inoue Kikuko
Kokomi: Kanai Mika
Shizuka: Orikasa Fumiko
Taku-san (the cook): Sakurai Takahiro
Kuma-san (the bear): Shimura Tomoeki

Note: Do not take this as part of the Weiß kreuz canon. This is feels like the drama version of a parody doujinshi! It is a radical change of pace and seems to have been a one time thing . . . so it can be a little hard on the brain for all you Weiß fans.

1. Prologue:

Aya wakes from a dream. Birman asks him what he was dreaming because it looked like a scary dream. He brushes it off, saying it was nothing, and asks where they are. Birman says they are on the highway. Youji complains about being made to drive and starts to fall asleep. Manx whacks him one. To keep them awake, Manx asks Omi to sing. Omi suggests the four of them sing. Ken and Aya say he should sing by himself. Omi insists because he brought a new karaoke cd especially . . .

2. Sora ni naretara (If We Could Become the Sky)

3. Genjitsu no akumu (The real nightmare)

Manx says they were good. The boys start to accuse each other of being off-key. Birman tells Aya he can't draw the katana on the bus. She suggests her professional singing will make them feel better. Manx says not to give her the mike, and they get into an argument about a previous time together at a karaoke bar. The boys wonder if their friendship is in trouble. Aya's voiceover explains that it all began at the hanaya two days ago. Manx is scolding them because the hanaya is always in the red. Aya says this is okay because the store is just camouflage, but she points out it gets suspicious if a store never makes profit. So she's gotten them an extra job bringing flowers to a hot spring run by an old school friend. The boys speculate on when Manx would have been in high school ("When miniskirts were first created?" "Around the Tokyo Olympics?") Manx gets angry, demanding how old they think she is. Youji says he'll have to pass on the job because he has a date. Birman says that's a shame, what with both her and Manx going, and having the hot spring there . . . Youji says if it's for work, then he has no choice. He asks Ken what he's muttering about.


They drive up the mountain. Youji wonders if Manx's friend is good-looking like her. Manx says she is but is a bit evasive about it. As they drive in a girl leaps in front of the bus, welcoming them. Youji mutters about it being a kindergarten. The girl, Kokomi, welcomes Manx really enthusiastically, calling her Hanae (Manx's real name). She seems to hit people she likes repeatedly. She asks which one of the boys is Manx's boyfriend. Manx denies that any of them are, but Youji asks her to introduce him, so Kokomi assumes he's her husband. Manx denies there is any connection between them, but Youji says they've only "had a physical connection" three times. Manx agrees, then gets angry and tells him not to say things like that. Kokomi says Manx had better get herself a man soon because she's almost thirty, and once she's over thirty forty comes fast, and then it will be too late. Omi interrupts, saying that they've brought flowers. Kokomi introduces herself to the others as the beautiful young mistress of the hot spring and prompts Aya to speak. Aya tells her to stop touching his cheek. She says he's cute and he doesn't have to be embarrassed. She tells everyone to stay after the work is done, to eat, enjoy the hot spring, and sleep. Manx says Kokomi hasn't changed at all and warns Ken to be careful, because Kokomi used to confine boys she liked in the tower (chikaro -_- I'm guessing 'tower'); Kokomi says this is because they tried to run away. Omi asks Aya if he's going to be okay and Aya says he's worried this might be the strongest opponent he's ever had. Kokomi calls Kuma-san to carry their bags. A bear comes, scaring Omi badly. Birman thinks he's cute and wants to pet him, but Kokomi warns her that Kuma-san has hurt other guests. Youji is surprised when the bear really does carry their luggage to their room. Ken wonders what to do with their weapons, and Omi says they can put them in the closet. A girl comes out of the closet, startling them; Aya demands to know who she is. She introduces herself as Shizuka, an employee of the place. Youji tells her not to cry. She says she hasn't been crying, that's just what she looks like. She says that she sleeps in the washroom so that she does not hear the mistress's voice. Ken asks if the mistress is a hard employer. Shizuka says it's because the mistress (i.e. Kokomi) is always changing her mind so she will start singing or dancing at night, so she can't sleep. She asks Aya if what he has is a nihontou (katana) and he says it is. She's glad because someone with the same tastes has come so Kokomi will feel relieved. Aya wants to know what that means. Shizuka says she'll show them around. The boys get to work, setting up the flowers, asking Shizuka what they should do with the leftover flowers. Kokomi runs in and is impressed. Aya asks if the display is alright, and she says any design her darling is okay with is fine by her. Aya demands to know who she's calling darling. Taku, the cook, appears and Kokomi introduces him as having studied cooking in America. He says he was grilling at an American hamburger restaurant for years. Aya and the other are really impressed by his kitchen knife, particularly its size. It turns out to be a wakizashi (small sword) made by Kotetsu (a famous name from the Edo period). Shizuka says Aya has a sword mania (i.e. he's a sword otaku). He denies this, but Kokomi is impressed that he has a sword fetish like she does. She sees it as fate that they share an interest and she's been waiting a long time believing that her prince would come in a microbus. She asks if he can feel the ecstasy of finding a new sword. He claims he doesn't. She offers to show them something (I can't quite understand) which they all say they don't want to see Oo;.

5.Bara no Kaori (the scent of roses)

The boys relaxing in the hot spring. Youji says the night is just beginning, and asks Ken which girl he likes. Youji likes Shizuka because her sad face is inviting, but he thinks the real goal should be Manx and Birman. Ken says he's not interested. Omi panics when Manx and Birman come in. Youji tells them how to look without being caught using surveillance techniques they learned with Kritiker. Aya says Ken is doing the same thing Youji is, which Ken denies. Birman and Manx comment on how nice the hot spring is, especially the rose scent. They get to bugging each other over whether the boys are looking, and if Manx is actually after Youji, etc. Kokomi jumps in and distracts them. Omi says the water seems to be getting hotter (LOL). Aya accuses Ken of looking again, which Ken denies. Youji asks Kokomi what kinds of minerals are in the hot spring. Kokomi keeps saying silly things like plutonium and getting corrected by the others. Ken notices a cave nearby. Youji wonders why he just noticed it, and Aya says it's because Ken was looking at other things. Ken denies this. (Note: Ken says: "Mitenai mitenai, Ore ha nanimo mitenai zo" - i.e. I'm not looking, I'm not looking, I'm not looking at anything" every time *snicker*). Kokomi warns them melodramatically not to go near that cave because of fearsome things. Aya says she's the most fearsome thing. She tells them to promise not to go near it.

6. Densetsu ga nemuru doukutsu (the cave of the sleeping legend)

They go into the cave. Birman comments how cold it is because they're only wearing yukata (thin summer kimono). Manx accuses Youji of patting her butt. Youji says he's the ally of all women and doesn't have to do things like that. She warns him that if he does . . . Aya implies Ken did it. Birman gasps and Omi accuses Ken of still doing it, which Ken denies. They notice bats and Ken says it's the fault of the bats. Omi tells him not to blame it on animals. Aya says that's despicable. Ken starts to sputter indignantly. They notice a light up ahead. Kokomi and Shizuka are there, dressed as miko (priestesses). Shizuka says that they have been waiting. Omi is surprised they knew that they would be coming; Kokomi says that of course they did, because Manx always had the kind of personality that would go into a place that had been forbidden to her. Youji compliments Shizuka on her attire and gets hit by Kokomi because she still thinks he's Manx's boyfriend. Manx denies he's her boyfriend. Aya wants to know why they were lured here. Kokomi starts to tell a dramatic story, then has to remind Shizuka to turn on the sound effects. Then she has to get Shizuka to turn them down. She never gets around to telling what is in the shrine behind her, so Aya goes to look into it. Kokomi compliments Shizuka on her timing with the sound effects. What's inside is a rather big nihontou (katana). Kokomi gets upset when Aya draws it, saying it's the end of the world. The blade seems to make a sound, like a woman crying. Kokomi says the sword is called Naki no Sakamitsu, and it's actually a cursed (ghost? not sure) sword. She says it was handed down to her but she was told not to draw it, unless to help people live. Aya says he can feel the mysterious power of the sword. Kokomi comments on the maker. Ken compares the size of the sword to Omi who gets offended. Aya really admires the sword. The others realize that Aya does in fact have a thing for swords. Aya denies this, saying that he just understands how wonderful this sword is. Kokomi asks him if he knows the story of the sword, and he says he doesn't. She starts to explain, but then she falls asleep. She apologizes because she hasn't had much sleep lately. Aya asks if he can cut her up, and Manx says he can. Kokomi starts to tell them about the curse, saying there's no way she could forget what happened 700 years ago. Omi is amused by this. She tells the story of the sword maker who was asked to make a great sword. He was using the blood of women in making the swords, and thought that using a "kimusume" would be better. Ken asks what a "kimusume" would be, and Omi says how it is written, and that it means "virgin". Ken asks if Omi is then a "kimusuko" - i.e. virgin boy. Omi denies this. Kokomi tells about how the sword maker completed the sword but there was a weird mist, and Ken guesses correctly it's because the blood hadn't actually come from a virgin. So the sword maker went out looking for a real virgin. For the sake of his country he used the blood of a virgin to make this splendid sword, but it made him really want to kill. He killed his family, and then realized the sword was cursed and threw it into the spring, and killed himself. The sword was recovered and used by many different samurai. Ken asks how it got here. Kokomi says the sword maker was a distant ancestor and that her great-grandfather found it in the Edo period and brought it here to be sealed. Youji suggests if it's so dangerous, breaking it and getting rid of it would be better. Aya violently disagrees. Kokomi suggests they get married. Aya says never in a million years, which upsets Kokomi. Birman and Manx scold Aya for being mean. He says that's unnecessary. Kokomi starts crying, and Aya says the same words as the sword maker "I want to kill, I want to kill, no matter what I want to kill!!" (LOL).

7.Sono buki ha nihontou --- (That weapon is a nihontou [katana]).

Omi serves tea to Ken and Youji. Youji asks where Aya is and Omi says he's gone for a walk to clear his head. They hear a scream and go to investigate. The bear is upset. They see the water is totally red and there's a body in it. Kokomi is very upset. It's Shizuka's body. Ken demands to know where Aya is, and is startled when Aya comes up, asking what's going on. The bear attacks him but Kokomi assures him Aya isn't the killer. Aya gasps and goes to look where the Naki no Sakamitsu was. It's missing. Aya said he had no reason to kill her. Manx asks Kokomi if she can still use a katana, and Kokomi says she can't remember. Manx tells her to answer seriously and Kokomi wails that she's being picked on. When Ken and Omi muse on who the culprit might be, Kokomi says there's one more suspect who had a long relationship with Shizuka but she had been cold to him lately. The bear denies this, according to Ken. Birman suggests they go check on the cook, Taku-san. They find that the frying pan on the stove is on fire and put it out. Ken asks what was cooking in it and Kokomi says it looks like it was steak. Ken mutters in disappointment. They go looking for the cook. Youji wonders why Birman is looking in the pots. She says it's to be sure but then screams as she sees Taku-san's decapitated head in one of them. Kokomi finds dinner is done in one of the pots and suggests they eat. Omi is shocked, but she says it's Taku-san's last meal so they should eat it.

8. Akumu (nightmare)

They're eating dinner, commenting on how good it is. Kokomi is amused by the appetites of young men. Manx says it is really good, especially the mushrooms, then wonders why Birman isn't eating. Birman says she has been but she was raised as a lady. Manx wants to know what that means. Aya panics and tells them not to eat. Omi starts getting dizzy and Youji curses. Ken asks what's wrong and Manx says they've been poisoned. Ken laughs this off, then it hits him.

Youji's dream:
Youji: What is this place? Oh, that's right, I was poisoned.
Manx: Youji.
Youji: Manx, what's with . . . the . . . in that black lingerie, I can see almost everything.
Manx: If that's what you're thinking I'll show you. Then I want to drown in pleasure before your eyes.
Youji: And Birman's wearing a red Angelica (er, I guess I'm not up on my lingerie. Huh?) I see. Well, if that's all you two want, I'll get right on it . . . what? The women are starting to clog up in here . . . a nurse, a stewardess, and even a naked girl wearing just an apron!
Manx: They all say they want you, Youji.
Youji: Wait! One at a time . . . how many times you think I have strength for . . . stop it! You can't - wah!

Ken's dream:
Ken: What's all this noise . . .?
Coach: Ken. Ken, are you okay?
Ken: Coach?
Coach: Hang in there. This is the PK. Your kick decides this one!
Ken: Is this . . . the middle of a match? Wait, have I been in J-league all this time? And Weiß . . . that was all a dream?
Announcer: Oh, he's recovered! Good going Ken! With this one PK it will give victory in the World Cup, which all of Japan expects and wants!
Ken: That's right. I was born for this moment. I'll definitely end it for them. Here I go!
Manx: Oh, the hot water's so nice . . .
Birman: It really does feel nice . . .
Ken: Eh?
Announcer: I cannot believe it! When the player Ken went to score, he was distracted by those women and his kick fell short!
Ken: I wasn't looking at anything!
Announcer: The anger of all has been awoken by the player Ken. That's only natural! He's the one who let the victory escape! It's all Ken's fault. Get that idiot Ken!
Ken: Ahhhh!

Omi's dream:
Omi: Huh? Where am I? What's this? It's the Koneko no sumu ie.
Ken: What's wrong, Omi?
Omi: Oh, I was having a weird dream. In the dream I'd become you, Ken, and I was playing soccer, but . . . huh? Ken-kun, are you crying?
Ken: No. The truth is . . .
Manx: Omi, don't be surprised. We know who your real father is.
Omi: Really? Who? Who is it?
Youji: 17 years ago . . . I was still in kindergarten. An older, ecchi girl seduced me, and at that time I said it was a mistake, but . . . it was you, Omi.
Omi: Eh? But that's . . . then Youji-kun . . .
Youji: Call me Papa!
Omi: Hold on a sec -
Ken: It's not just that. That ecchi girl Youji talked about, she'd already had a child, but she soon got rid of him - that child was raised a church . . . in other words . . .
Omi: Big brother? Could it possibly be that Ken-kun is my big brother?
Ken: Little brother!
Omi: Is that true? Youji-kun's my Papa, and Ken-kun's my big brother, we're all family. Huh? But then, Aya-kun . . .
Aya: I'm sorry. I've been deceiving you all. In truth I'm already over 30.
Omi: Now that you say that I can't say I haven't thought that before.
Aya: That's not all. The truth is . . . I'm a woman.
Omi: Eh??
Aya: Ken, Omi, I'm sorry. I'm . . . I'm . . . your mother.
Omi: EHHHHHHH????!!!

9. Shinjitsu no akumu (The true nightmare)

Aya wakes from a dream. Birman asks if he's awake and if he was having a scary dream. He brushes it off as nothing. He asks where they are and she tells him the tower. They're also chained up. Aya remembers that Kokomi had locked up men in the tower before. But they see Kokomi's body on the other side of the bars. Aya wonders who the culprit is then. Ken wonders if it was the bear. A samurai comes in bearing the Naki no Sakamitsu. Aya demands to know who it is and is told to shut up. The samurai speaks in a weird voice and Manx comments on this; Birman suggests it's for privacy. The samurai says it was born of the sword and waves of blood, etc. It addresses Youji and demands to know if he has a love confession to make. He says he doesn't. The samurai asks if he loves Manx. He's startled by this, and says he loves every woman in the world, but not one in particular. The samurai asks Manx if she doesn't love this man. Manx tells it not to make a joke like that and if it's going to kill them to hurry up and do it. Aya manages to snag the sword with the chain, saying it's his. The samurai is flustered when they get out of their chains. Ken says that level of chain isn't going to hold them. Aya attacks, breaking the armor and revealing Kokomi. She calls him a murderer and criminal. Omi wonders who the corpse was, and Taku-san shows up, saying he made them. Shizuka is also there, apologizing because Taku-san also developed a strange skill while making hamburgers in America. Ken asks if her corpse was artificial too, and Youji tries to claim he wasn't really fooled because the original is so much better. Manx accuses Birman because she'd touched Shizuka's "corpse". Kokomi laughs and asks how they liked the mystery night. Kokomi explains how the inn prepared this event especially for them. Kokomi wanted to do it because when they were all scared and excited they'd want to protect the ones they loved, so she thought this would be a good way to get Manx together with someone. Birman tells her to be grateful for this friendship. Manx thanks her then calls her a traitor. Aya asks about the sword. Kokomi says she bought that at a temple for 3000 yen ($30). Aya is disbelieving because it looks so good, but it breaks when he tries to use it. The others make fun of him for thinking it was worth a lot of money and Omi says he shouldn't try to appraise things. The next morning, Youji is complaining about lack of sleep. Ken says Kokomi made noise all night. Birman says it was all for friendship so it's a good thing. Aya said it was unwanted and that amongst them they didn't need soft things like friendship. Omi said it really was fun to be with the others outside of the Koneko. Manx agrees, especially the part where Ken kept looking at them. Ken denies he was looking at anything. Youji suggests they be off, and Manx says she'll be back. Kokomi pressures them all to come back. Aya mutters that he won't. Kokomi tells Aya he's forgotten something, so he gets off the bus to see. She tells him he's forgotten to marry her. He tells her to let go of him. Youji and Omi tease him, saying it's great that there's even a traditional inn right here. Birman suggests they go, and Manx tells him she'll pass on this info to Persia. Aya demands to know what they're doing and Ken says they have no need for soft things like friendship. Omi calls for them to be happy as they drive away. Aya wonders what kind of guys they are and tells Kokomi to let him go, he'll walk home. Kokomi says if he's still talking like that, she has to make sure he doesn't escape, and tells a servant to lock him in the tower. The bear grabs Aya and the other servants sympathize with this new victim of Kokomi's. Kokomi says, "Koko-chan is Ha-PP-Y."

10. Kitto wasurenai (I'll Never Forget)

11. Next mission

The boys discussing their experience at the hot spring and Ken asks if the next one will be like this. Aya says the next one will be harder. Omi asks if it's about their secret pasts. Youji thinks that's a bad idea. Kokomi says she's okay with harder and Aya says she's not in it.

Seiyuu comments:

Hello, I am Koyasu Takehito, who plays Aya. I don't think that everyone was expecting the first Weiß of the new century to take this form. I was also surprised. I thought this first one was great. There's a possibility that the next one will become more serious. (Teased by others) I can say that possibility is a possibility. I believe that you will enjoy it. Thank you very much.

Youji, 81 Produce, Miki Shinichirou. (The others tease him it's like an audition). It's like an audition, right? I'm really happy to be doing the new Weiß that's starting in this new century. This was the first one, so please continue to support us (er, yoroshiku onegai shimasu). Thank you very much.

I'm Seki Tomokazu. I play the character called Ken. (Koyasu: They know that.) I am told a lot, though I think it'll be good, that it can be old-fashioned - (as he's teased) - no, I mean me. More than what I think, as I get older I'll become an old guy and I think I have to be careful. If you realize this, then please point it out. I leave it with you. (Yoroshiku douzo)

Good day, everyone. I'm Yuuki Hiro who plays Omi. Did you enjoy this? (Then something way too fast for me) I'm really happy. I'm happy to be with everyone again after a long time. I'll be looking forward to more with everyone. I want to do my best in Weiß from now on. Please continue to support us. Look forward to it! Until then. Hai.

I'm Horikoshi Mami who plays Manx. I didn't know I was going to be working with such a great group. I'm really happy to be with Kanai Mika-san. Please continue to support us.

Really, excuse me. I'm Kanai Mika who plays Kokomi. Mika-chan was really happy to be doing a cd drama with the people of Weiß. Please don't be jealous. Everyone, when you listen to this, please don't be angry. I think I want to be in the next one, too.

I'm Orikasa Fumiko who plays Shizuka. Good work everyone. Good day, everyone. I've got the order wrong. Um, it was fun. I laughed while making this. I wonder if I shouldn't say that. They made me. Thank you very much.

(They laugh because he gets stuck on "Taku-yaku" - Taku being his role and "yaku" meaning "role") I'm Sakurai Takahiro. As this was the first time I worked with Weiß, I was really nervous, but it was interesting. (He loses me completely after that). This is 81's Sakurai Takahiro, thank you very much.

Good day. I'm Shimura Tomoeki who plays Kuma-san. It was fun. Please listen again.

I'm Inoue Kikuko who plays Birman. I'm really happy to be appearing with Weiß on a drama cd as Birman again after a long time. I thought this story was really good. In the world of Weiß up until now so many interesting events have occurred. This new world of Weiß has a totally different flavour but in my opinion I love them both. I was really happy to be able to meet Weiß again after a long time. Thank you very much.

Summary/Lyrics translations by Generic Miko
Lyrics by Aida Takeshi, Music by Nishioka Kazuya, vocals by Weiß.
Weiß kreuz Wish a Dream copyright Koyasu Takehito & Project Weiß
These summaries/translations are for NON-PROFIT fan purposes only.


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