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Dramatic Collection 2 - Endless Rain

Track 1 - Prologue (summary)

In an ominous place, several elderly people await with glee for a demonstration of dismembering young girls. A host introduces “Sensei” to begin the proceedings while the victim screams in terror. As Sensei draws a Japanese sword, the host reminds the audience that using a sword is dangerous and indicates the saws and axes provided for their use later. He continues to provide commentary as Sensei begins his grisly task and the screams continue and continue...

Track 2 - opening “Velvet Underworld”

Track 3 - Endless Rain (translation)

[in a crowded street, crickets chirp noisily]

Ken: What hot weather!
Omi: Sendai's the same as Tokyo, there hasn't been a heavy downpour.
Yohji: A storm is coming...
[approaching thunder]
Ken: Mm?

Aya: (narration) It's been a while, and now I'm back in Sendai. The new hi-tech buildings, the pedestrians rushing about the bus-stop...nothing has changed. Maybe... the one who has changed is me. This is the third time I've been to Sendai. The first was five years ago, during the season where Sakura flowers blossomed....

Aya-chan: Eh? What's this? They call it Aoba City, and I thought there'd be some great big city here! But, there's only a shrine after
all... But the Sakura flowers are so beautiful! Hey, Oniichan, let's take a picture, a picture! Otousan, take it for us!
Ran: Nooo... don't wanna! Aya!
Aya-chan: But whhhhhyyy? Don't tell me you don't like your cute little sister hanging on your arm?
Ran: That's riiight~~~ I dun like it~
Aya-chan: What! Girls don't like that sort of attitude, you know! Come on come on, Oniichan, smile~~
[camera shutter clicks]

Aya: (narration) Such a carefree family holiday was merely five years ago, but when I think about it now, it's like a dream of the past. Then, both parents were alive and my little sister was still running around in good spirits....

Ken: Aya, what are you thinking about? Oiii...
Aya: .... [walks off]
Yohji: Hey, wait for us!
Omi: Aya-kun...

Aya: (narration) I walked off, confident of my steps. How many time shave I walked around here, or even ran... That's right, the second time I was in this city was two years ago, during a warm midsummer...

Track 4 - Before 2 years

[a young man runs hurriedly into a shop, stopping to catch his breath before opening the door]

Kikyou: Welcome.
Ran: [still catching his breath] Please, is this the Aoba Flower-Arrangement Centre?
Kikyou: That's right, you are here for lessons?
Ran: No, I'm—
Kuroyuri: Kikyou, a kid like him can't possibly be here to learn flower-arranging. Hey you, what do you want? The patrons we usually get here are middle-aged ladies, if this is some sort of a prank...
Ran: No! I'm—
Shion: Ran... can I call you that? I heard about you from Erika.
Kuroyuri: Shion! Heard about it...? Does that mean, this guy is...
Shion: Right, a newcomer who's here for training. Kuroyuri, please tell him all he needs to know.
Kuroyuri: Who, me? What a bother.
Kikyou: Yo, Tsubaki! Come here for a sec, we have a new comrade.
[heavy footsteps approach]
Tsubaki: I am... Tsubaki. [he walks away]
Kuroyuri: Huh, he hasn't changed a bit. What a warm-hearted kind of guy.
Kikyou: Do excuse him, Ran-kun, Tsubaki's a distant person. Come, let's go upstairs, the students will be arriving soon.

(narration) The Aoba Flower-Arrangement Centre is located north of the city centre, near the district where the Aoba Shrine is. In appearance, it seems to be just a Flower-Arrangement Centre, but it is actually the Sendai branch of a secret spy organization, Kritiker.

[during class]
Woman 1: Sensei, Tsubaki-sensei, will this flower look better here...? Or maybe here?
Tsubaki: Let me see, ahh... like this...
Woman 1: Such a dilemma...
Woman 2: Aaaahh, Kuroyuri-sensei, I'm done here! Look!
Kuroyuri: Hmm...this one and this one... [snip] This flower here is also extraneous.
Woman 3: Owwwww....that hurts~! I've cut my finger!
Kikyou: Oh dear, are you alright? Ran-kun, bring the first aid box.
Ran: R..right!
Woman 4: Aha, ma'am, you're great, to get Kikyou-sensei to hold your hand. How cunning of you!
Woman 2: Oh, hey, Kuroyuri-sensei, why doesn't Ran-kun help as an instructor?
Kuroyuri: Ah, well, he's still at a training stage.
Woman 5: Why, ma'am, are you interested in this younger fellow?
Woman 2: Ahhh...but seeing him brings up memories of my first love~~
Woman 4: Oh, really~!
[group giggles and laughter]

Aya: (narration) At four o'clock in the morning, a strange feeling woke me up, and I went downstairs to the classroom on the first floor. In the middle of the poorly lit room lined with a mat, Shion sat in silence. At his knees, were two red flowers and a flower vase, and a Japanese sword lay next to him.

Shion: Haaa!! [sword slice]
Ran: In...incredible!!

Aya: (narration) That move was faster than the eye could follow. In the space between when Shion drew his sword and the sword returning to its scabbard, the two red flowers have become a work of art, dropped neatly into the vase.

Shion: You over there... is that Ran?
Ran: Shion! Please teach me... teach me that technique!
Shion: What?
Ran: I beg you! I would like to learn true sword mastery!
Shion: Hhn! [he draws his sword again]
Ran: Uh....

Aya: (narration) The two red flowers were sliced into two, and fell onto the mat. It was like beheading someone, and the skill became something scary.

Shion: A real sword, when used by the wrong hands, can kill people. Such a skill, you wish to learn still, Ran?
Ran: Yes! I... I want revenge on the murderers who killed my parents, who put my sister in a coma! That's why I joined Kritiker! To be part of Kritiker's activities, and train at the same time, is for the purpose of avenging my parents!
Shion: What nonsense.
Ran: What!?
Shion: Ran, don't be mistaken. You are here at Kritiker, at Sendai, not to train your abilities.
Ran: Then... why am I here?
Shion: To train to be a man.
Ran: Eh?


Kikyou: [snipping flowers] To train to be a man...? I see.
Ran: What does that mean for me?
Kikyou: [laughs] Shion's not like normal guys. Let's put it this way, if you merely compare strength against strength, then of course, whoever is stronger will win. To compare only strength, such a competition has no meaning. If you compare courage, it's not a matter of skill or strength, but a higher understanding which is required to defeat the enemy.
Ran: What do you mean “a higher understanding”?
Kikyou: I don't get it either. But, Ran-kun, I also have a little training with using a sword.
Ran: Eh? Kikyou, too?
Kikyou: Yeah... well, no. I shouldn't say “a little” but I'm very well-trained. In actual fact, based on skill alone, I should be better than Shion.
Ran: Really?
Kikyou: [laughs] But, I've never won a duel with Shion. That is to say, even if I'm more skilled, but in terms of character, I've lost to Shion.
Tsubaki: [vehement] That's not the case!
Ran: Tsubaki...!
Tsubaki: Master, he...
Ran: Master...?
Tsubaki: I mean, Kikyou was never serious about dueling, if it were a fight to the death, he will definitely defeat Shion... That's what I think, anyway.
Kikyou: [laughs] Hahaha... that won't do. I don't have that sort of courage to face Shion directly in battle.
Kuroyuri: Oi oi... what's this? Talking about swords again? Ran, you'd like to use a sword too? The members of Kritiker in Sendai, why do they all like to use the sword?
Kikyou: That's probably because of the (Masamune? name of shrine) Shrine's presence here, I suppose?
Kuroyuri: Heh, what nonsense. Be it a sword or a gun, both are merely weapons. Since they're both weapons, a gun is more powerful than a sword!


Aya: (narration) That night, after class ended, I sought out Shion again, to request that he accept me as a disciple.

Kikyou: Hey, Shion, stop being so picky and accept him as your student! Ran-kun is a good young man, isn't he?
Shion: A good young man?
Kikyou: I like him, he also has a natural talent to use a sword.
Shion: Hhmpf, talent? ...it's a dangerous talent to have.
Kikyou: Well, that... [lowers voice] anyone can have that.
Shion: .... All right. Ran, there are some extra flowers here, try using them in an arrangement.
Ran: Yes! Er... the katana?
Shion: Katana? What do you need a katana for?
Ran: Otherwise... I can't arrange the flowers... like Sensei did this morning.
Shion: Stupid! Use a scissors, scissors!
Ran: I didn't come here to learn flower arrangement!!
Shion: Don't talk back! Also, don't address me as Sensei, Shion will do.
Ran: But...!
Shion: There are no 'but's!
Ran: ...yes.
Shion: Remember, do not be swayed by how you address someone, by a name, or by appearances. You must strike directly to the point.

Aya: (narration) I held the scissors in my hand, having never done a flower arrangement before. Nonetheless, I tried my best to make the arrangement look exactly like one in the classroom.

Shion: Are you finished?
Ran: Exactly the same.
Shion: Exactly the same? What's this!? [Shion smashes the vase to the ground]
Ran: Aah!? What are you doing? I went through so much trouble to arrange...!
Shion: Even if you've arranged it well, these flowers are already dead. [walks off]
Ran: Wait, Shion!! Damn it...is this a joke!?
Kikyou: Ran-kun! Calm down!
Ran: Let go of me! That bastard! He's playing me like an idiot!
Tsubaki: Heheh... you said “exactly the same”, didn't you?
Ran: What?
Kikyou: That's how it is, what did Shion just tell you? Strike directly to the point! You copied the arrangement exactly, but that's only a resemblance in appearance. Whether it's a flower arrangement, or swordplay, there is only one spirit, there cannot exist two hearts exactly the same.
Ran: ...is that so.


[Ran undergoes training]
Shion: Run! Run! Building strength in your legs is the most basic of training, it's too early yet to learn how to use a sword!
Shion: Ran, first you must rid yourself of all your bad habits, and start fresh from nothing, zero-stage.

Aya: (narration) Shion's training was merciless, and facing the arduous training, all I could think of was the matter of revenge. The season passed and it wasn't long before autumn arrived in Sendai.

[Ran smashes a vase in frustration]
Kikyou: Ran-kun!
Ran: How long do I have to keep doing this sort of thing!? I have a purpose, I have no time to waste arranging flowers here in Sendai! [kicks a chair over]
Shion: Such a brat who loves throwing tantrums.
Ran: WHAT?!
Shion: What do you want to do, huh?
Ran: I want... to become strong! But, you keep humoring me! I want to learn the true arts of fighting!!
Shion: Art of fighting? All right, let's try it then.
Ran: Huh?
[Shion draws his sword and hands it to Ran.]
Shion: Take it, use my sword. Kikyou, I'll have to trouble you to be his opponent.
Kikyou: Using a real sword? My, you're rather confident.
Shion: Wasn't it you who said Ran had a natural talent with a sword?
Kikyou: Oh well. Then... I'll use this fan... as a defense. Ran-kun, whenever you're ready, attack me, please.
Ran: Stop fooling around! I'm using a real sword!
Kikyou: I'm serious too! (Translator note: This is a pun. ^^; The words “real sword” = shinken have the same kanji as “being serious” = shinken.)
Shion: Ran, don't hesitate, treat Kikyou as the enemy and attack him.
Ran: But...!
Shion: What is it... you're surrendering without a fight?
Ran: Damn it...!

Aya: (narration) I grasped tightly to my sword, keeping my eye on Kikyou. At that time, even an inexperienced person as I could tell that this was no joke, but a real fight using a real sword. Kikyou's defense stance was perfect, even though he held only a fan in his hand, it seemed that that fan was something stronger than any other weapon in the world.

Kikyou: Let's go!
[Ran rushes forward in an attack, but is knocked down almost instantly.]
Shion: That's it!!
Ran: ...!!

Aya: (narration) I lay on the floor, the blade of the sword pressed closely to my throat. What in the world had happened?

Ran: Damn it! Why... why!?
[footsteps, Shion approaches]
Shion: Ran, stand up. Come with me.


Aya: (narration) In the slopes near Aoba Shrine, there were several ancient altars. We climbed up one of these paths and sat on a boulder...

Shion: Hahahaha... where's your usual spirit? Is losing once really so painful?
Ran: I...
Shion: You must have visited the Tsushima training centre (?) there, right? There are words written there by Tokugawa Ieyasu, have you read them?
Ran: ...Which words?
Shion: “One who only knows victory and have never tasted failure can never be an extraordinary person.” That's what's written there. (Literally – “If thou knowest only what it is to conquer, and knowest not what it is like to be defeated, woe unto thee; it will fare ill with thee.”)
Ran: I... don't know why I lost!
Shion: You wish to know?
Ran: Yes, I do!
Shion: At the moment when Kikyou snapped “Let's go!” you rushed forward, but your heart had already been stopped by the fan in his hand, and hence showed your weakness. And then, Kikyou struck your forearm, swept your legs, and took your sword... that's how it was.
Ran: It's only right to appraise your opponent's weapon!
Shion: Yes, to look is right. But, when you see something, you must still your heart.
Ran: Still my heart?
Shion: That's right, don't think about it! That's what they call, “No Emotions”.
Ran: No emotions? .... Shion, how can one attain “no emotions”?
Shion: The Way teaches that the solution is to wipe out your troubles, usually referring to women, money, personal glory, that sort of things. But, for you, your biggest trouble now... it comes back to one thing, vengeance!
Ran: Vengeance...
Shion: Your hastiness is a result of your thirst for vengeance, that's why you failed... Ran, lay your vengeance to rest, throw away your feelings, let yourself be free.
Ran: But... But, to throw them away... how do I throw my feelings away?
Shion: That's a matter of your own heart, I wouldn't know.
Ran: How's that...?


Kikyou: I see... you have to attain “no emotions”...
Ran: My... reason for living is to bear this vengeance. To ask me not to think about my sister or my parents, that's asking for too much.
Kikyou: I understand... I had a sister once too.
Ran: Eh?
Kikyou: Ran-kun, speaking of vengeance, makes one think of dark thoughts, which are completely opposite to your gentleness. Because of your gentleness, so you're restricted even with feelings of anger and grief... but if you throw these away, simply put, you become a person of “no emotions”... but, Ran-kun, I... like your gentleness.
Ran: Kikyou, I... I'm not a gentle person. Speaking of gentleness, it should be a man such as you!
Kikyou: Heheh... I'm just a thoughtful person, it comes from spending years around others. That's all it is. I really admire your youth, your purity.
Ran: I...
Kikyou: Ran-kun, don't think so hard about it, carry on as you have till now. Continue learning how to use a sword by Shion's side.
Shion's sword is not the same as mine, his is a “Living Sword”.
Ran: A Living Sword?
Kikyou: A sword which leaves others alive, that is a true sword.
Ran: Aren't you better than him, though?
Kikyou: Uhuh... mine is merely a “Killing Sword”, a sword which puts people to death.

Aya: (narration) Kikyou was... really a mysterious man. When he said the he liked my gentleness, and that he admired my purity, his eyes shimmered with light like a newborn child's. On the other hand, when he spoke of himself, his eyes became strangely cold, so cold that they were frightening.


[One day, when Ran takes a break from jogging, he hears the sound of a person yelling and repeated collisions with something.]

Aya: (narration) Tsubaki was using his body to ram into a huge and old tree in the park. In my eyes, he could have been training himself, but it seemed more likely that he was trying to hurt himself.

Ran: Tsubaki, what are you doing?
Tsubaki: Mm?
Ran: If you continue that, the tree trunk might break. Doesn't the sign there say “Protect the trees of Sendai”? [Tsubaki grabs Ran] Huh.. what..?
Tsubaki: Ran... Ran!! [he kneels on the ground]
Ran: What...what are you doing? Why did you kneel all of a sudden?
Tsubaki: There's something... there's something I must beg of you. Master, no... Kikyou, stop troubling him!
Ran: Eh?
Tsubaki: Kikyou, because of Aiko... his little sister's death, went crazy once!
Ran: Little sister?
Tsubaki: He abandoned his job, began wandering the streets causing trouble... when he saw young girls close in age to his sister, he would curse in their face why his sister had to die while they were allowed to live on happily in this world.
Ran: Kikyou, he...
Tsubaki: It took a lot of trouble but he's finally calmed down now, but being with you has destabilized him, because you talked about his sister to him!
Ran: He doesn't look unstable.
Tsubaki: That's only in appearance! But, really, his heart is filled with anger and grief. He thought that he would be able to find the ones who murdered his sister and so he joined Kritiker, but he couldn't find a single clue at all. He spent his days here in Sendai, investigating meaningless things, it almost drove him crazy. So, Ran, I beg you, don't speak of such things any more to Kikyou.
Ran: What...
Tsubaki: I beg you!
Ran: I can't grant your request.
Tsubaki: What!? .... [he runs off]
Ran: Tsubaki...


Kikyou: Is that so... that Tsubaki...
Ran: What is all this about?
Kikyou: I'm sorry, Ran-kun. Tsubaki is probably jealous because you and I get along well.
Ran: Eh?
Kikyou: We're like brothers. Tsubaki and me, and my sister... we were always together. My family was a rich family, and Tsubaki had always lived with us, he was the son of one of the servants.
Ran: So, that's why he addresses you as “Master”?
Kikyou: Yeah... But, when I was in elementary school, my family went bankrupt, and my parents committed suicide. My sister and I were looked after by Tsubaki's family, until we went to college, we were always in their care. Nonetheless, that guy's always, till now even, maintained a master-servant attitude. When I became a police officer, he joined the force too.
Ran: You and Tsubaki were police officers?
Kikyou: Hm. But, that Tsubaki... he betrayed me once.
Ran: Betrayed?
Kikyou: That guy, I don't know when it happened, somehow became secretly involved with my sister.
Ran: Eh?
Kikyou: Unbelievable, isn't it? How did such a rough person woo her? Perhaps... he forced her.
Ran: Eeehh?
Kikyou: Anyway, my sister seemed willing, they mentioned getting married. What else could I have done? I gave them my blessings. But, not long after that...

Aya: (narration) Five years ago, Kikyou's sister was invited by distant relatives to join a high-class party. The next day, she became a broken corpse, discovered in a trash dump. Of course, the attendees of the party were all suspects, but the investigation met with dead-ends. Since Kikyou was a police officer in a different district, there was nothing he could do... That must have been such a painful experience...

Kikyou: It was as Tsubaki said, I went into a craze, like there was something pressing down hard in my brains. Until I joined Kritiker, I finally calmed down.
Ran: I see...
Kikyou: In truth though, about my sister, Tsubaki received a bigger shock than I did. When she was going to that suspicious party, my sister invited Tsubaki along, but that Tsubaki turned her down... he turned her down! He gave some excuse about not being able to fit into the world of high-class society. They were already engaged, yet he still considered himself to my sister... Miss Aiko, as a servant...But, because of him, Aiko died. If he had gone with her then, nothing would have happened, but... That guy, he's been blaming himself, to absolve his guilt he continues to inflict pain on himself, punish himself... what a troublesome guy... ... Oya? Ran-kun... are you crying?
Ran: [sniff] N..no. [sniff] I'm...
Kikyou: Thank you... [chokes] You really are... a very gentle-hearted boy.

Aya: (narration) As Kikyou hugged me, he seemed to be crying as well. Wrapped in his warm embrace, I finally felt that I was not alone...in my pain, it wasn't only just me.

Track 5 - Investigation (translation/summary)

It wasn't long before a horrible winter arrived, at least where Sendai was concerned. The first incident happened on a Sunday morning, near a place where many parents take their children, or where lovers met. There was a clock in the arcade there but when it stuck the hour that day, instead of the dolls which usually appeared, there were the arms, legs and even the heads of young girls surrounded by flowers...


It was a time to learn Christmas decorations at the Aoba Flower-Arrangement Centre, but the women were more interested in discussing that morning's incident and asked if Kuroyuri-sensei had heard about it as well. Not only were the girls' bodies found dismembered, but the body parts were arranged into some sort of sick formation. Rumours were flying around that the organs had been removed too and were replaced with flowers.


Later that day, Erika arrived with orders from Marigold for the Kritiker team.

Shion: Erika, we're all here, we can start now.
Erika: These are Marigold's orders. [a tape plays]
Marigold: Members of Kritiker, this is an investigation mission. Some suspicious parties have been committing their evil crimes in the vicinity, investigate the true background behind the recent serial murders. [the tape ends]
Kuroyuri: This corpse dismemberment case? Isn't it just some sicko who's responsible?
Erika: That is the lead that the police have taken, but Marigold suspects that there is more behind this.
Ran: Erika, what do you mean 'behind'?
Kikyou: Finding out that truth is our job.
Erika: That's right. Ran, this is your first big mission! We await to appraise your performance.


[Ran is jogging when he comes across Tsubaki and Kikyou arguing]
Tsubaki: Master, you're keeping something from me! I'm sure of it, Master, you're not only doing something dangerous, but you're even enjoying it!
Kikyou: I'm not enjoying anything! That is to gather information, it can't be helped!
Tsubaki: If that's the case, then let me do it!
Kikyou: You're being unreasonable!
Tsubaki: Master!!
Ran: Oi...what's going on, Tsubaki?
Tsubaki: Ran... this does not concern you!! [he runs off]
Ran: ..... Kikyou...?
Kikyou: Sorry you had to witness such an ugly display.
Ran: The dangerous thing he mentioned just now...
Kikyou: You heard? He is referring to my association with some ruffians.
Ran: Ruffians?
Kikyou: That's something left from my days of being a police officer. Of course, in terms of the activities of Kritiker, they are also available source. But, Tsubaki thinks I'm some precious young master, he wants me to cut off my ties with them, and let him do all the dirty work... But, for a straight-forward type of person such as Tsubaki, that's just impossible.
Ran: I see.
Kikyou: Really though, I'm very worried, Tsubaki seems to drift further and further away from me... Vengeance is really some sort of demon, once it's embedded in your heart, it amplifies your hatred. Before too long, you'll start to lose yourself, and all that's left is violence...


Kuroyuri: Everyone, listen. This case seems to be the work of “Shi noGeijitsu Kyoutsushi” (Art of Death Cult).
Kikyou: What's that?
Kuroyuri: Shi no Geijitsu Kyoutsushi. It's a cult of those rich people who have grown bored with ordinary SM activities, so they cutup young girls and arrange them into works of art.
Shion: So that means, that the series of incidents recently...
Kuroyuri: They're not the work of crazed maniacs, but a 'business'. It seems to be a certain criminal group using the facilities of a secret SM club to carry out their work.
Ran: How can this be? It's unbelievable!
Tsubaki: Where did you get this news?
Kuroyuri: It was deduced from the rumours of a certain lady.
Kikyou: A certain lady? Where's she from?
Kuroyuri: Wh...where she's from has nothing to do with this.
Shion: All right, we'll continue the investigation from here then. Ran, there's a special job for you.
Ran: Eh?


[Ran is on the telephone]
Ran: Er...hello? Your club, it services Aoba City? Uhm... I'd like to make a booking.

Aya: (narration) I arrived at the pre-determined SM hotel room and sat on the bed, waiting for the lady to arrive. Needless to say, this was the first time I've been to such a place and the room was filled with strange instruments that I've never seen before.

[the door opens and a cheery voice calls out]
Naomi: Nice to meet you~! I'm Naomi!
Ran: Aahh...
Naomi: What's the matter, sir? Don't just keep staring at me~~
Ran: Err... no, I'm sorry.
Naomi: [laughs] Oh dear~! What are you apologizing for? Hmm... let's see, sir, you've selected the services of S and M, right? Which do you want first? S? M? Hmm...let's do M first, you look like that's your preference.
Ran: Ack, no, I'm...
Naomi: Anyway, whatever it is, take off your clothes first. I'll go change too!
Ran: Aaa, wait a sec, there's no need to take off your clothes.
Naomi: Huh?
Ran: I...would like to talk to you.
Naomi: Eh?

Aya: (narration) The girl named Naomi had a shocked expression, but she sat down next to me. Unknowingly, I started sweating all over, but, with some difficulty, I finally managed to tell her everything about investigating this 'business' between rich people...

Naomi: I've heard of that before.
Ran: Really?
Naomi: Hm...but it doesn't have much to do with us. They seem to use young girls that they've duped into the business.
Ran: Ah...I'd like to know who and where they're doing such things.
Naomi: Why are you asking about such things? You don't look like a police detective...
Ran: Well... I'm writing a report! For a really scary play...
Naomi: Eh? You're a writer? Oh my, excellent! Are you writing a book or something?
Ran: Er...not yet... Oh, of course, real names won't be published! Will you help me? If you can, I'd like to know more details...
Naomi: Okay.
Ran: Eh?
Naomi: I have some friends who will know more about those transactions. I'll ask them for you.
Ran: Ah, really?
Naomi: Yep! Because you're so cute. I like you~~ you're definitely my type. Hey, do you have a girlfriend?
Ran: Eh...er... n...no.
Naomi: [laughs] Oh dear, your face has gone all red~! You really are soooooo cu~~~~te~!!
[Naomi plants a mighty kiss on Ran]
Ran: .....


Shion: Ran, did the investigation go well?
Ran: ....yeah...
Shion: [laughs] What happened to your face? There's lipstick on it.
Ran: Huhhh?! [he rubs his face]
Shion: [laughs more] Just kidding! There's nothing there.
Ran: What...what's that for?
Shion: Looks like Ran has yet to learn how to handle women.
Ran: Yeah... errrr, I mean, no.
Shion: Heheheheh... I did say before to throw away your troubles, to attain “no emotions” but that doesn't mean you can escape your troubles. Your foundations have strengthened, from now on you must face your troubles, face their challenges, then you can become stronger.
Ran: Yes!
Shion: Listen, the stronger you become, the easier it is to drop your guard, and hence easier to ignore your instincts. It's going to get more dangerous from here on... how is it, are you confident?
Ran: Yes!
Shion: Heh... it's easy to say it.
Ran: I...
Shion: That's all right. Ran, I believe in you. Even though now, you're not completely reliable, but I believe in your future.
Ran: Shion...
Shion: [picks up his sword] This... is yours now.
Ran: This....this... is Shion's katana, isn't it? Why are you...
Shion: Don't worry about it, just take it. A swordsman needs a sword, it's his so-called “warrior's spirit”.
Ran: Right...
Shion: But, don't draw it.
Ran: Eh?
Shion: You can only draw it for the sake of living.
Ran: For the sake of living?
Shion: When you use a pair of scissors to cut the stem of a flower, it is not to kill the flower, but to let the flower live. Swordsmanship is the same principle, do not use your sword for killing. Do not fight, do not kill, this is our, Kritiker's, mission.

Aya: (narration) Why Shion handed his sword to an inexperienced novice like me is still a mystery. Perhaps... at the time, Shion already knew something...

Track 6 - Kritiker's Mission (translation/summary)

Aya: (narration) Some days later, that SM lady, Naomi, contacted me and said that the Shi no Geijitsu Kyoutsushi are planning to gather at ???'s old food factory.

Kikyou: It's going to be tonight...?
Kuroyuri: Can that woman's words be trusted? How did she come by this information?
Ran: It seems to be gathered from her colleagues.
Shion: Hmm... Ran, we can't afford to be reckless. This is unlike all previous investigations so far. If our secret investigations are discovered by the enemies, they'll be alerted. Then, not only us but that woman as well, will be in grave danger.
Kikyou: Hhn, you're always so serious. Ran-kun went through great trouble to gather this information for us, let's go check it out.

Aya: (narration) At the time, Shion used a very troubled expression to regard Kikyou, as if he felt despair about something...


[outside the factory, a strong wind is blowing]

Kuroyuri: Looks like the information was false, after all. There's not even a shadow in sight...Ran: I'll go take a look.
Shion: Wait! I'll go with you.
[the two of them run to the factory door, it opens with a creak]

Aya: (narration) There were rusty tools strewn everywhere inside the factory, and then...

[softly, a melody began to play, as if from a music box]
Ran: Eh? What's that? Christmas tree?

Aya: (narration) On the tree hung forearms, white as snow, two biceps, thighs, and the two breasts that were cut off, as well as the heart, liver, and other organs... At the time, there were a lot of lights flashing different patterns. On the mantle, there was the bust of a woman hung with orchid flowers, that expression... it seemed to be smiling. (Translator note: an orchid, in Japanese, is “ran” the same kanji as Ran's name.)

Ran: [gasps] Naomi... It's my... it's all my fault...
Shion: It was a trap after all. Damn! Get down!! [no sooner did Shion finish his sentence, machine guns went off and filled the room with gunfire. Shion is shot several times.]
Ran: Shion... Shion!?
Shion: Ran... I'm all right. Get outta here!
Ran: How can I? You're seriously injured!!
Shion: I'm not experienced either, it seems...
Ran: Damn... those bastards!
[he prepares to rush forward but is held back by Shion]
Shion: No! Don't be so hasty, Ran!
Ran: But...
Shion: Kritiker's mission is not to fight, what's important is to bring the information back alive, do you understand?!
Ran: .......yes.
Shion: Good, now go! I'll take care of things here.
Ran: But, Shion!!
[Shion yells as he rushes forward and the gunfire starts again]
Ran: Shion~~~~!!!
Shion: [from afar] Get out of there, Ran, go!!
[Following orders, Ran leaves the factory in a hurry but as he gets to the door, a massive explosion goes off inside and the force of it throws Ran forward.]
Kikyou: Ran-kun! Ran-kun, what happened?!
Ran: [catching his breath] I don't know, there was something... Shion shot at it and everything exploded.
Kuroyuri: Damn it, even Shion...
Tsubaki: Calm down, Kuroyuri!
Kuroyuri: Let go of me! Shion, we must save him... Shion, he...!
Ran: [crying] To...to let me escape, Shion... Shion, he... [wails]
Kuroyuri: Is this the time to cry!? I'm going to avenge Shion... with this gun!
Tsubaki: You idiot!! [he slaps Kuroyuri] Have you forgotten Kritiker's mission? It's not to use that sort of thing! Ran, you must hang in there too, you're Shion's disciple!
Ran: ...Tsubaki...
Tsubaki: Now, we must escape from here, let's split up! Kuroyuri will take Ran and escape from the backdoor.
Kuroyuri: I...I understand.
Tsubaki: Right! Master, we'll go this way!
Kikyou: Hm? [he seems preoccupied] Right!

Aya: (narration) Tsubaki grabbed Kikyou's arm and led them in the direction of the front gates. I don't know why Tsubaki seemed to have taken the role of Leader as he gave the orders. In any case, Kuroyuri and I did as he ordered and ran for the rear gates.


[Ran and Kuroyuri gasp for breath]

Aya: (narration) Kuroyuri and I held onto a sense of doom as we ran back to the Flower-Arrangement Centre. Shion was dead, it was still difficult to accept.

Ran: Shion... Naomi... it's... it's all my fault. Why...? Why did it become like this...? [sobs]
Kuroyuri: Ran! [he points his gun at Ran, who is stunned]
Ran: ....what's this?
Kuroyuri: You bastard... betrayed us!!
Ran: Wh..at?
Kuroyuri: The enemy knew of our secret investigations and laid the trap for us, you were their informant. That's how it is, isn't it!
Ran: I—
[Kikyou enters and interrupts]
Kikyou: Stop, Kuroyuri!
Kuroyuri: Kikyou!
Kikyou: Ran-kun is our comrade, we don't point guns at our own people.
Ran: Kikyou...you're back...
Kikyou: Just then, I sneaked in from the window on the second floor.
Ran: Eh?
Kikyou: The house has also been surrounded. It looks like they know about this place too.
Kuroyuri: How can this be!?
Ran: Where's Tsubaki??
Kikyou: Tsubaki, he... was shot dead... to protect me.
Kuroyuri: How did this happen...!
Kikyou: Anyway, let's break out first! I'll leave from the front gates and get the attention of those guys, Kuroyuri, take advantage of the distraction and escape from the kitchen backdoor, Ran will escape from the second floor window. If we live, we'll meet in Tokyo!
Kuroyuri: Ran... I'm sorry about just now... I was crazed for a moment. Don't die!
Ran: Kuroyuri, too.
Kikyou: All right, we'll move in one minute. Take care!

Aya: (narration) I ran to the second floor, my hands grasped tightly to the katana recently received from Shion.

Ran: Shion... watch over me!
[Amid the gunfire, Kuroyuri, Kikyou and Ran rushed out of the house at the same time.]


Aya: (narration) How I arrived in Tokyo, I don't remember at all. Three days later, I woke up in a hospital in Tokyo.

Erika: You're awake. How do you feel?
Ran: [coughs violently for a while] Erika... what about Kikyou and Kuroyuri?
Erika: [sighs] Kikyou was shot like a honeycomb, we couldn't even identify his face. Compared to him, Kuroyuri was more fortunate, he received only one shot to the heart.
Ran: How could this be...it's a lie!
Erika: You received three gunshot wounds yourself, it's quite a wonder you're still alive.
Ran: Everyone...everyone is dead?
Erika: From here, the investigation will be taken over by a special team in Tokyo, you have been assigned to the Tsushima Training Centre.
Ran: I beg you! Let me join the special team. The reason things became like that, it was all my fault! I...I want to avenge everyone's deaths!
Erika: Don't kid yourself! Such a failure, you should have been fired! Who do you think you are? You want to join the special team? Not so fast! Go to Tsushima and train your abilities first!
[Ran starts laughing to himself in a half-crazed fashion, which gradually turns into sobs]
Erika: Wh...what's the matter with you?
Ran: [broken voice] Train my abilities... no, not abilities... what I should train... is not my abilities!
[he continues crying]

Track 7 - Revenge (translation/summary)

[rain and thunder]

Aya: (narration) Two years later, I've returned to Sendai. In my hand, I still hold the sword Shion gave me, as a member of Weiβ standing outside the warehouse where the targets were.

Ken: Shi no Geijitsu Kyoutsushi?
Omi: It's even more advanced than two years ago! I heard that they've been quiet for some time, but they're becoming active again now!
Ken: The host, Nik Tanjirou, is the head of this demonic group, but who is the Sensei?
Yohji: Who cares? The blood of these bastards who cut up the bodies of women aren't human.
Omi: Looks like things are finally about to begin.
[inside the warehouse, a bell rings]
Nik: Everyone, the class is about to begin. Firstly, let's look at the materials for today.
[the girls are dragged forward, tied and gagged, while several of the audience express beastly glee]
Nik: Next, allow me to introduce our teacher for this lesson. Sensei, please.
[darts fly through the air, breaking glass lamps]
Man: What the-? The light's gone out!
[two more darts fly and take down two men]
Omi: Even when you arrive in Hell, you'll still have a long way to go to achieve Art!
Man: Who is there? Where are the guards?!
Ken: Our regrets. [he takes two more down] You've just lost your jobs.
[Aya cuts the bonds of the girls and removes their gags]
Aya: All right, get out of here! Don't look back! [the girls run]
Nik: Hey, wait right there! Damn you... who are you...
[the sound of wires cut the air and they encircle his throat]
Yohji: Hell becomes you.
[Yohji tightens the pull on his wires as Nik struggles to his death]
Sensei: Nik...? [smirk] Is everyone dead? Very professional methods. [he draws his sword] Who are you!
Aya: Weiβ. [he draws his sword too]
Sensei: Weiβ? There are those among you who use a katana too? Interesting... let me be your opponent!
[they begin exchanging blows]
Ken: Oi... look there.
Omi: A...Aya-kun is having a hard time?
[the sword fight leads outside, under the rain and thunder. Lightning flashes and reveals the faces of the two combatants.]
Sensei: You've improved...
Aya: It WAS you after all, Kikyou!
Kikyou: I've long awaited this reunion, Ran-kun. I've suspected for along time that, apart from Kritiker, there was another secret group of assassins... looks like you've become a specialist in that.
[they exchange blows]
Aya: It was you who killed Shion, Kuroyuri and Tsubaki, wasn't it!
Kikyou: Not Shion.
Aya: What?
Kikyou: Why the explosion happened at the time, I would like to know too! Perhaps he thought that he could take the enemies with him incase of an emergency, and brought the explosives with him. What an old-fashioned guy, taking a suicidal action!
Aya: The person who laid the trap was you, then!?
Kikyou: It was Nik, everything was organized by that fool, Nik. That guy only knows how to use such clumsy methods, if it were me, I'd use far more intelligent methods, like feeding you all poisoned tea or something.
[their swords clash]
Kikyou: The problem was Tsubaki. He found out that I've been helping Nik with this 'business'. In my opinion, we only had to kill Tsubaki, but Nik insisted on killing everyone. To be honest, I really didn't want to kill you or Shion, especially you!
[swords clash again]
Kikyou: But, I had no choice, so I leaked the information to that SM girl you'd made contact with, and lured you all to that old factory. Tsubaki knew that it was a trap immediately. When we split up then, he wanted to let you and Kuroyuri escape, and then kill me. But, Tsubaki failed. Ha...what a sad fellow!
Aya: Wasn't he your childhood friend, who grew up with you?
Kikyou: Yes, but it was his fault that my sister died! When I killed Tsubaki, I didn't feel any hesitation at all!
Aya: What about Kuroyuri!?
Kikyou: I pulled the trigger, he shouldn't have felt any pain at all.
Aya: Is that a consolation!?
Kikyou: No! ....But, you must understand, I'm hurting too!
Aya: Give me a break!
[Aya attacks again, but his blow is blocked by Kikyou]
Kikyou: It's the truth, Ran-kun! It's a terrible burden to have to balance my job at Kritiker and this one. By opening this Cult, there will come a day when I will meet those rich people who killed my sister, that was my belief!
Aya: For the sake of your vengeance to find your enemy, you would kill those girls who have nothing to do with this!?
Kikyou: Haven't you also killed many who have nothing to do with YOUR vengeance? And then, what? Have you killed your enemy? I, on the other hand, have already fulfilled my wish!
Aya: In that case, you can rest in peace.
Kikyou: Hahahahaha.... that won't do! I'm not satisfied yet, I still want to kill! [clash]
Aya: You...you're merely a killing machine!
Kikyou: Maybe so! I don't know when it started, but compared to revenge, killing provided me with more joy! I've been ensnared by the enjoyment of killing. Ran-kun, what about you?
Aya: I...I'm not the same as you!
Kikyou: Is that so!
Kikyou: Ran-kun, your sword doesn't resemble Shion's sword!
Aya: What?
Kikyou: I should say, it resembles mine! No, it's exactly the same! Yours is a Killing Sword, a sword used by a killing machine for killing people! Ran-kun!
[their swords clash once...twice...three times, then... Aya is unable to stand any more and he falls.]
Kikyou: Hhm... Ran-kun, beautifully executed. You were unaffected by my goading, you struck with “no emotions”...
[Kikyou spits blood and falls.]
Aya: Because... I threw away my gentleness.
Kikyou: [laughs] Is that so...? No... it doesn't seem that way...
Aya: Kikyou...
Kikyou: I'm really happy, Ran-kun... it's so wonderful that you're here. Now... my nightmare has ended... but... you must be careful...a Living Sword... is also... a Killing Sword.
Aya: Uh...
Kikyou: In reality... there is no sword for killing people... and no sword for letting people live... It's like Kuroyuri said... a sword... is a weapon, after all... There they are... Nik and the others... calling for... me...
[Kikyou releases his last breath]
Aya: Kikyou...

Aya: (narration) Two years ago, the nightmare which began in this city, has finally ended...

Track 8 - Ending “Beautiful Alone”

Aya: (narration) But... my nightmare has yet to...

Shion: Ran, what about going out on a date with girls once in awhile?
Ran: Eh? Um... if I go out with girls, then I wouldn't be able to attain “no emotions” right?
Shion: Hahaha... with such straight-talk, that's even harder to attain your goal.
Tsubaki: Ran, look, the chrysanthemum have blossomed.
Ran: Eh? They're great! Did you plant them?
Tsubaki: Yeah, the colors are pretty, aren't they?
Kuroyuri: Oi, Ran, we're going with the ladies to ?? Island, why don't you come with us?
Ran: Ah... I... have training.
Kuroyuri: Che... how lonesome.
Kikyou: Ran-kun, it's so wonderful that you're here, the whole classroom has brightened up.
Ran: I... I don't give out light.
Kikyou: Hahahaha... your youth is your light, I hope that you'll never lose that brilliance.
[cue in ending theme “Beautiful Alone”]

Aya: (narration) Shion, Tsubaki, Kuroyuri, Kikyou... all of you...I'll never forget.

The End.

Translations © Kai Ling - http://hanayume.net/ClearWhite/

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