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Note on Translation:

This is a translation from a Chinese translation found of DC1 - The Holy Children. Japanese to Chinese to English means a great loss of accuracy! I'm translating literally from the Chinese translation. If the original translator has added descriptions and stuff herself, I wouldn't know. This is only to give you an idea of what happens in DC1, it's not supposed to be accurate at all.

Anything I've added to the translation are in brackets.

The original Chinese translation was done by Deanna.

=YS=, translator




In the concert, the audience scream at the top of their voices, calling their idol's name...

"Thank you! Thank you everyone! Don't forget: no drugs, no violence! Rock n' roll! Thank you! Goodnight!"


Closing the door, the rock star sighs in relief. A young girl laughs and leans over. The rock star puts his hand on her shoulders and smiles...

"What? Has it already started, XXX? (ed: insert girl's name here)"

The girl looks up at the rock star, her gaze soft and unfocused.

"Welcome back, Jack."

"How is it? Mine is top stuff!"

"Mm... very nice."

"Really? I'll give you even stronger stuff next time. But... it's gonna be a bit more expensive."

The girl smiles, the two of them walk to the couch, the rock star becoming a completely different person from the one on stage earlier. He sits down, pulling the girl to sit on his lap, bending forward to take something from the coffee table.

"Enjoy yourself tonight!"

"Jack..." The girl laughs joyously.

Suddenly the ringing of a cellphone cuts in.

"Hn?" The rock star looks at the phone on the table.


The girl stands up, going for the phone. The rock star loses his patience.

"Just leave it."

The girl winks at him and picks up the phone.

"Hello? Hello, who is it?"

A crisp ringing sound comes through from the other side. Hearing it, the girl's breathing suddenly becomes rapid, as if something has stunned her. The rock star notices something is wrong.

"What is it?"

The cellphone slips from the girl's hand...

"Hey, what is it? What's wrong?"

The girl giggles. The giggling eventually grows into a manic laughter...The girl picks up a knife from the table, turns around and stabs the guy at his stomach. His eyes widen at this unexpected attack.

"XXX?? (ed: insert her name here again!)"

"No drugs? No violence? You say all that without even thinking, what a joke!!"

"What the hell.... why do you sudden..."

"All that nonsense about how you can understand the youth through lyrics and performance, as if you're life's instructor, but secretly you sell large amounts of drugs for money and laugh about it! You liar! How disgusting!"

"You bitch!" The rock star stuggles to stand, wanting to tackle the girl, but she dodges.

"You're not the companion of those kids who suffer worries and pain in order to live! You're the demon who rips them apart!"

The knife stabs into the man once and again, the girl laughing all the while, her uncontrolled madness lasting until the man falls, no longer moving...

Her movements slow down, laughter replaced by deep panting, as if she doesn't know what she has just done. The knife falls to the ground. She stares at the corpse, horrified, and looks at her own blood covered hands. Slowly, she understands her situation. At this moment, the voice of a woman humming a lullaby comes through the cellphone...

"What... what to do... what should I do..." She cries helplessly.

And then somebody knocks on the door.

"Jack... Jack you're inside right? Jack?"

It's the staff from the concert. The girl looks about, frightened, not knowing what to do. The knocking doesn't stop.

"Jack, I'm coming in!"

The staff opens the door himself and jumps at the scene that greets him. The girl sees that she cannot escape, lets out a scream, grabs the knife from the floor and stabs at her own throat...

"Somebody! Somebody help!"

The staff stands there, too shocked to move. He finally thinks of calling for help, dashes outside, his cries echoing in the corridor...


Scene 1 - Reunion

At the rail crossing, the gate is down to stop the pedestrians and cars from moving forward. Ken stretches himself, his large movements gaining attention from the people around him.

"*yawn* Haaa.... so tired, and I still got to return to the shop."

A high speed train moves by, bringing strong winds with it.

"That took a long time." Ken complains with a low voice.

"Ken? Are you not Ken?" A young girl asks, unsure.

"Heh?" Ken turns towards the source of the voice.

The train has passed, the gate is lifted and pedestrians and cars begin to move again. The girl studies Ken more thoroughly, and suddenly jumps with happiness.

"Ah! It really is Ken!" Seeing that Ken is just staring, she gives up her own name. "It's me, me! Natsuki!"

"Heh? Natsuki?"


Scene 2 - Coffee shop

"Thank you very much." The waiter says to customers leaving the shop.

"How memorable! We haven't meet for 15 years right?" Natsuki says happily, stirring the drink in front of her.

"Um." Even though he is meeting an old friend, Ken seems to be completely unexcited, with lots in his minds.

"Ah, are you in the J-League now? I saw it on TV once before going away to study."

"... I've quit... I had an injury."

"Oh, really... Sorry, because I left for the US not long after you joined J-League, so I didn't know..."

Natsuki looks down at her hands, uncomfortable that she has just hurt Ken.

"To the world, I've already died from an accident. In truth I got involved in a gambling organization's plan behind J-League and got attacked. I only survived because of Persia, and I'm now a member of Weiss... I'm so glad you don't know that I'm supposed to be dead, otherwise, I must kill you."

Ken looks at Natsuki, his heart saying all that he cannot voice. Natsuki lifts her eyes again and smiles at Ken, changing the topic.

"Ah, do you still remember the things from that time?"

"Huh? Um."

"In the beginning, I though Ken was a very scary kid, because you're always sitting at the door of the church with a grumpy face."

"After Mum died, I became unsociable. Dad sees that I'm really depressed, so he sent me to that church where they give child psychotherapy." Ken explains.

"I see. We were both so little then, we never talked about these things. As for me, even though my parents were never getting along, but every time they fought it was because of me. I kept thinking that it'll be good if I was never born, and I cried and cried. It's because of Sister that I found my smile again. Of course Ken help too."

"We added enough trouble for Sister! Like hiding all the candles in the church, pouring out bucket-full of cockroaches during mass..."

"Yeah yeah!"

"And saying that all the 'roaches are there because the church is so old and worn down."

"Yeah, we're always thinking up tricks and stuff, the two of us giving Sister so much trouble."

"Ah, how memorable! I wonder if she's doing well? Sister." Ken looks out at the people passing by through the window.


"Heh? You've met recently?" Ken looks at Natsuki with wide eyes.

"Oh me, Ken, I'm being looked after by the church again. Because I couldn't get used to life in the US, I became jumpy and restless... honestly, it's because of this that I've come back, hating everything. Even though Sister said to me 'you can't come back again!', I've still gone back. But Sister has welcomed me with the same smile as before, comforting me..."

"Right... but I can't tell that you're jumpy and restless."

"I've got better, thanks to Sister. It's because I've got Sister with me."


"Oh yeah! Hey, come along! We mentioned Ken yesterday. Sister will be really happy to see you. Come on, let's go!" Natsuki suggests.

"Oh no..."

"What are you afraid of! This isn't like you... Oh! I know! You're still worried about all the tricks we did! It doesn't matter, Sister never was angry."

"It's not that... it's just not a good idea."

"Not a good idea? Why not?"

"Uh... because... I'm working in a flower shop now, and it's time for my shift, if I don't go back now..."

"Flower shop? You? Hahahahaha..."

Natsuki notices that Ken is blushing and sees that she has gone over the top.

"Oh, sorry sorry, but it doesn't look like something you'd do. Why work in a flower shop?"

"Because I'm indebted to people who has taken care of me.... I don't do it because I like it!" Ken stresses.

"Ummm? Ah, can I go visit next time? I want to see Ken as a shop keeper."

"No! Never!"

"What's the problem? Come one, I'll leave as soon as I've seen it."

"It's not an exhibition!"

"Ah, okay okay. Then, let's go!"

"Where to?"

"The church! Chuuurrrch! Just make a call to the flower shop and say you'll be late! Ah, since you have a job, you're paying for this. I'm going!" With that, Natsuki walks out.

"Eh? Hey! Wait a moment, Natsuki! I said I'm not going! And we said we're paying for ourselves, I only have enough money for my bit! Natsuki!" Ken yells at the girl leaving. Suddenly...

"Don't shout so loud, it's disgraceful."

Ken turns around to the owner of the voice.


"I'll pay for you here, remember to pay me back later." Aya picks up the bill and walks to the counter.

"Oh, sorry!" Ken says to Aya's turned back.

"When did that guy..."

"Ken, what are you doing? Hurry up!"

"Didn't I say I'm not going? Don't you ever listen?"


Scene 3 - Kitten in the House

As usual, "Kitten in the House" is crowded with girls.

"Ah~~~ Ken's not here, Aya and Omi aren't here neither, that's annoying~~~"

"What's wrong? Only Youji's here..."

"That's not good! Not all four of them are here! Don't you know? If you can see the four of them together, then something great may happen!"

"Eh? Is that true?"

"Okay, one rose. Thank you for your business!"

Right now, there is only Youji working in the shop...

"Ah, thank you. I'm sorry Youji, buying just one..."

"Haha, no problem at all. Thank you, xxxx (ed: whatever her name is)"

Then Youji turns to another girl.

"Oh, xxxx (ed: another girl), sorry to keep you waiting."

"No, not at all."

"What would you like?"

"That... Youji!"

"Heh?" Youji jumps.

"Ah, no... I want roses."

"Roses? Um, roses." Youji calms himself and pulls out a rose. "How long would you like it?"

"Oh, the length Youji likes..."

"Oh, really? Then... the ribbons for wrapping... what colour?"

"The color Youji likes..."

"Oh I don't know...."

"Ah, Youji said my name!" A girl tells her friends.

"Really? Then I'm going to buy something too!"

"Dammit! Where the hell is Ken? He knows this is the busiest hour! He only knows to play soccer with those damn kids..." Youji curses.

A car arrives at the front door. The owner of the car draws all the girls' attention.

"Who's it?"

"Ahhh.... so pretty!"

"Model type!"

"So cool!"

"Don't block the way, move aside."

The girls are not pleased with the rudeness.

"What kind of an attitude is that?"

"Her perfume stinks!"

"Welcome." Youji greets the new customer. "Oh, it's you today!"

"I want flowers. It's for an important function, please pick some brighter colors. I'll wait at the room in the back."

"Understood, Manx."


Scene 4 - Church

"Hey, nothing's changed at all!" Ken looks up at the church and says.

"I didn't lie, right?"

"What an old and rotten church."


"Oh, the wind vane I made is still there."

A wind vane at the roof is being turned by the wind.

"Um, it's still very secure."

"Hey, about what you said... is it true?"

"You mean Sister not knowing that you went into J-League?"


"It's true. But it's nothing strange, because the church doesn't get newspaper, and there's no TV or radio. What Sister knows comes from the talks she attends and the kids she gives therapy to."

"I see, well, it's better that way." Ken mumbles.

Natsuki looks at Ken suspiciously. Ken shakes his head. "No, nothing."

The church's doors are opened, a nun walks out. "Who is it? Natsuki?"

"Oh Sister, I'm back." Natsuki replies.

"Welcome back" Sister says with a smile. Then, she notices Ken. "That is... your friend?"

"Um~~~ who is it?"


"It's me, Sister!" Ken says shyly.

"Oh... Ken? It's Ken? Am I right?"

"I just bumped into him at the rail crossing, he looked suicidal, so I brought him over."

"Heh?" Sister looks at Ken worriedly. Ken quickly corrects Natsuki.

"Idiot, Sister will believe it! It's not like that, I was just walking and I saw Natsuki wanting to jump the rail crossing..."

"Ken!!" It is Natsuki's turn to yell.


"Really, idiot!"

"Just kidding, all just kidding! Sister, we just bumped into each other."

"Oh, is that right? You scared me." Sister smiles, relieved.

"Sorry sorry. You haven't changed one bit, Sister."

"And you haven't neither! What can I do with you, Ken. I'm going to give you a good lecture later on!"

"Heh? No, please forgive me~~~"

"No, it's a must!"


"Just kidding."


"I'm still capable of little jokes! Come, come on in, I'll make some tea."

"Got defeated, yeah?" Natsuki whispers to Ken.

"Enough already."

Suddenly, the cry of a cat can be heard. A boy walks over, a cat in his arms. He sees the stranger, Ken, and nods in greeting.


"Nagi." Natsuki calls the boy's name, and explains to Ken. "He's living here."

"Aw! What a cute kitty!" Ken says to Nagi.

"Sister, I'm going to play with Nagi, you two go chat away."

"Hey, what did you say you idiot."

"Hoho... Nagi, let's go!"



Scene 5 - The Sister's Room

"Really, you aren't playing soccer anymore... here, please." Sister passes the tea to Ken.

"Thank you."

"But seeing you so healthy is so good. If you turned up the way Natsuki did, it'll break my heart."

"Was it that serious?"

"The joke you told ealier could have happened."

"Really... but she has returned to her happy self!"

"She's only like this when she's here... when she goes to the outside world, she always returns quickly. Ken, did Natsuki tell you how many times she has came back?"

"Oh? I only heard about this time. Has she came back before?"

"Since leaving with you 15 years ago, this is the 5th time! The children I gave therapy to are mostly like you, living on their own strength when they go out, but there are always kids like Natsuki. No matter how much therapy you give them, they just don't stand up on their own..."

Sister looks at the bird in a little cage, speaking slowly. "An animal which has been tamed won't be able to survive even if you return it to the wild. If there's will to live on, then we can quickly lean to adapt to the world, learning how to live. This bird will be like that. If it can avoid natural hazards and keep itself alive, it'll be able to return to the wild...
but, when the will to survive is weak, and you deeply believe you need others' help to go on, can you return to the wild? Ken... can you still struggle to survive in the world? .... Natsuki is just too weak."

"Sister..." Ken is at a loss for words.

After a while, Sister turns back, smiling at Ken. "I'm sorry, I've just said weird things."


"Let's talk about your things."

"Heh? Didn't we talk about it just now?"

"Not that. Now, are you happy?"

"Heh?" Ken asks, then takes a deep breath and speaks, as if to convince himself. "Um, very happy, Sister."

"Really? That's great."

"I've gotta go back, if I don't return to the shop..." Ken stands.

"Ken, thank you for coming."

"I'll visit again, Sister."


Scene 6 - Dependence

Ken pulls down the metal gate. "Youji, I've tided up the shop already."

"Yeah right. Really... returning after the busiest hour... you count up the sum at the till." Youji complains.

"Okay, okay." Ken sighs, clearing up the till.

"Ah, there's more, tomorrow's orders are over there..."

"Hey that's enough, Youji, Ken has apologised!" Omi tries to help out.

"Coming back earlier will be better than apologies."

"Really, you..."

"Leave it, Omi, it's my fault today."

When Ken stops Omi from saying more, Aya speaks up. "Ken, Manx's going to arrive any time now. Leave the till for later. Sit down. Omi, play the tape."

Youji is not letting go. "Can't he see it from the till?"

"Youji, that's enough, sit down." Aya orders.

"You're the type that holds a grudge." Omi says.

"It's not working." Youji complains.


"Oh, okay." Omi starts the tape.

"Weiss, there's a mission for you." Persia's low voice says.

"The speech is getting boring." Youji says.

"Shhh." Omi does a gesture to be quiet.

"The target is this woman, Yokohama Penichua Church's nun, Amamiya Kaoruko."

"!!" Seeing the picture on the screen, Ken is shocked.

"Amamiya provides psychotherapy to young people who are bothered by family problems. Here, please take a look at this news clip."

The screen changes to the news. A female reporter reports.

"Last night, a well-known rock start Jack K, real name XXXX, has been murdered by a fan, who had then committed suicide. The crime scene is the waiting room of the concert hall, the girl entered the hall with the staff. Also, according to witnesses, there had been sounds of a fight coming from the waiting room before the incident. The prosecution is deciding whether to investigate further..."

"That girl had been receiving regular therapy from Amamiya since several years ago, unconsciously becoming controlled by Amamiya, becoming her killing machine, leading to this incident."

"Killing machine." Omi repeats.

"First get close to the target, killing after becoming friends, and then committing suicide. For this incident, the news has indicated it's a one-off hate crime, but in fact it is an organized murder. From Kritiker's investigations, up until now, 13 people have been murdered this way. These are the photographs. Each one of them is an influential figure.

"Political news reporter, natural photographer, this professor should be... female movement activist."

"Oh, this novel author too."

"So, it's all famous people."

Aya, Omi, and Youji speak, only Ken sits without a word.

"This type of murder is making use of people's weakness of heart, there can be no evidence brought to light. Therefore it is your job. Hunters of the darkness, go hunt the tomorrows of the dark beast!"

The tape is finished, the screen blanks out.

"Amamiya Kaoruko..." Aya mumbles.

"And now, it's your replies."

"Manx." Omi says. Manx has been standing behind them, but no one knows since when.

"The rewards are as usual. If you need anything, tell me now and I can prepare it. But it's limited to mission related items."

"I want 007 Bond car, complete with Bond girl!" Youji jokes.

"If you want it for photographs it's fine. But, weapons and heart are all for photographs..." (ed: I have no idea what she said)

"That's a shame."

Manx smiles and looks at the others. "So it's decided? Everybody is taking part?"

"Um." Aya agress.

"Okay." Omi nods.

"It's a job." Youji.

"Alright with Ken too?" Manx turns to Ken.

"No, I quit on this one."


"Ken." Omi is also shocked.

"I quit." With that, Ken leaves without looking back.

Youji sighs. "What can we do with him."

"So, 3 of you this time." Manx confirms again.

Finally Aya speaks. "No more questions? Then let's go."


Scene 7 - Counseling

Night, inside a room in the church, wind squeezes through gaps in the windows, creating a hollow noise. The wind chime swings about.

"How laughable. Why do I think the world's no good? They don't even have the slightest bit of sympathy, everybody only worries about their own business... I don't like to live on hurting each other, I cannot tolerate these things!"

"Then... what should be done? What should be done to make it good?" Sister asks gently.

"Let it all disappear! Such a world should fall into pieces!"

"That is not solving anything! That is only finding out the problem, with no consideration on improvement... think about it, what can we do to make it better? Natsuki, think, what can we do?"

"To make it good... let the bad guys die! Yes! Let all those bad guys disappear from the world. If there is a bad guy then kill him! If we can kill all those people who made this world so cold and cruel, the world will become good! We can find the goodness in people's hearts again! Is this right? This is right! Sister."

Natsuki studies Sister, who doesn't reply but begins to hum a lullaby... hearing it, Natsuki loses her control.

"But... no... I can't do it... I can't do such things... I'm always getting hurt, there is nothing I can do except running away."

"Why not? Why can't you do it?"

"Because... because I'm scared! I'm scared!"

"You can't change anything if you're scared! Things will always stay this way! Is that good?"

"No! I hate it this way! But... but... I can't do it, can't do it! ... Help me, Sister, please!"

"What can I do? Why do you always rely on others? Don't you want to live on with your own strength? There's a limit to weakness and cowardice too!"

"Sorry... Sorry! Sister."

"You're better off dead. For a child like you, living has no solution. It's better to die."

Natsuki cries fearfully.

"You can't cry. Nobody will come help you even if you do! Stop crying." Sister pulls out a knife. "Here is a knife, use it to end it all! Just cut your throat with it, nobody needs you anyway."

Sister places the knife on the table. Natsuki cries, looks at the knife and shakes her head.

"What is it? You don't have the strength to die?" Sister asks. "What are you hesitating about? Go ahead and kill yourself! Quick..."

Natsuki picks up the knife with shaky hands, and closing her eyes with determination, takes it to her neck.


Hearing the cry, Natsuki stops, the knife almost touching her skin.

"I understand now, Natsuki. Everything's alright now. It's okay... Come, let me hold you. Come, over here, Natsuki."

The knife falls to the ground. Natsuki walks to Sister, kneels down and leans on her lap.

"It doesn't matter anymore, it's all over, Natsuki."

"Don't leave me, Sister, please always stay with me, don't leave me alone..."

"Um, I won't leave you, I'll always be with you."


"Natsuki, you beautiful chlid... okay, you should go to sleep now. Go and rest!" Sister lifts her voice. "Nagi, Nagi, please come over here for a second."

Nagi opens the door and walks in. "You called me, Sister?"

"Take Natsuki to her room. Here, Natsuki, stand up."

Natsuki stands up obediently. Nagi studies her and is worried. "Natsuki, is everything alright?"

"Natsuki's fine. Thanks for your help, Nagi."

"Um, okay. Natsuki, let's go." Nagi takes the girl out, the little cat following Nagi closely.

Looking at the closed door, Sister sighs, pours a cup of water for herself and sighs again.
Suddenly, the door squeaks and opens. Sister turns around again.

"Who is it?"

"Sorry for disturbing you, Sister."

"Mr. Crawford... please don't scare me like that." Sister said, obviously unsettled.

"I'm really sorry. About the upcoming job... I wonder if tomorrow is okay."

"Tomorrow... is fine."

"Then, I'll make arrangements on my side."

"Thank you."

"Yes... also, that child, about Naoe Nagi's situation..."

"We still cannot help him out of the trauma. It's because he has lost the memory of killing his mother. We must get him to accept this truth first. Nagi himself needs to admit to it and accept it, then the door to his heart can be opened."

"Looks like it'll take time... can we try provoking him? Perhaps that can help him remove the obstacle."

"That is too dangerous! If it fails, Nagi will be forced to destruction by the pain in his heart. At that stage... there is nothing we can do."

"I'm sorry, it is my misjudgment."

"Please just wait, I will open the locked door to Nagi's heart."

"I'll rely on you."

"Since we're talking about this, have we found out how Nagi killed his mother?"

"No, not yet, but that incident had been over 10 years ago... if we find out we'll let you know immediately."

"Thank you."

"Then, I'm leaving."

"Oh... Mr. Crawford."

"Is there anything else?"

"Nagi's in the other room. Please don't let him see you. That child... seems to be very afraid of you."

"I'll be careful." With that, Crawford turns to leave.


Scene 8 - Run Away!!

Midnight, a taxi arrives at the church.

"Keep the change. Sorry for making you to speed the red lights." Ken gets of the vehicle. He stares at the dark church. "Sister..."

Another car arrives, stopping next to Ken, who quickly moves aside.



Aya looks at the church. "This is Amamiya Kaoruko's church. So you do know each other."

"Aya, this is a mistake! Postpone the mission for a while, get Persia to investigate again - "



"We're Weiss!"


"It doesn't matter if you don't take part in this mission. But, if you try to stop us... then I will have no forgiveness for you!"


"That's all I want to say. Remember that." Aya gets into his car and drives away.


"Who's there?" The church's doors swing open, Amamiya Kaoruko looks out and asks. Very soon, she recognizes the young man running towards her. "Ken? What's the matter? It's late already."

"Sister, run, get out of here quick!"

"Run? ... What are you talking about?"

"It's just not safe to be here! Quick, hurry up!"

"Calm down a little. It's late at night, let's talk about it tomorrow. Come in."


"You eyes are scary, please don't look like that. Come in, Ken."

The sky begins to rain, then it begins to pour, and wild wind blows...


Scene 9 - Nagi

The next morning, in the dinning hall...


"Natsuki, morning."

"Morning. I jumped, hearing that you're here. Hey, your breakfast."


Natsuki sees that Ken is not looking good. "You couldn't sleep?"

"Um." Ken changes the topic. "Bread and soup, just like the old times." He take a bite. "Surely, hard and dry, are they still using that same bread maker?"

"Um." Natsuki laughs a little. "What's the matter?"

"No, nothing."

"oh, I'm not someone you can discuss things with! ... Have you talked with Sister?"


"I see..." Natsuki notices the puddle on the floor. Water is dripping in from the ceiling. "Hey, there's a puddle... oh, did it rain last night?"

"Didn't you know? It poured!"

"I was so tired I slept through... we got Nagi to fix it last time, but it's still leaking."

"This building is too old!"

"If we get a payment for the therapy or talks, then we can fix it, but Sister never takes any money. Whatever little donation there is, we don't even get a penny before it gets donated somewhere else. That's why, after leaving here this time, I want to donate the money I get from work. If I say it's from me I know Sister won't accept it, so I have to do it anonymously!"


"I really want to do something for Sister. For my favourite Sister, I will work hard."

"Um, go for it!"


Nagi comes in. "Natsuki, Sister is looking for you."

"Okay, I'll go." Natsuki turns to Ken. "My therapy starts this morning. See you later."

After Natsuki leave, Nagi walks slowly towards Ken...

"You're... Ken?"

"You're Nagi right?"

"You're good friends with Natsuki."

"Oh? Yeah sort of, we've known each other since we were little."

"With Sister..."


"Do you like Sister?"

"Why? All of a sudden..."

"If you like her, then don't do anything that'll betray her."


"Sister is a great person! She's so pure."

The atmosphere in the room begins to change strangely.

"Promise me you won't do anything that hurts Sister, okay, Ken."

"Nagi..." Ken notices the cup tray on the table is shaking without any outside influence.

"Don't betray Sister, promise me."

The tray shakes more violently now, even the dinning hall's doors and windows are becoming affected.

"Um, I promise you, I won't betray Sister."


"Yes, really."

At that moment, everything returns still.

"That's great... Sister says she wants to see you after Natsuki's therapy."

"Really? Okay."

"That's all." Nagi walks towards the door. He remembers something and turns back. "Ken, I heard that you're really good at soccer?"

"Heh? Oh, I'm okay at it."

"Can you teach me later?"

"Oh, sure, Nagi."

Nagi smiles. This is the first time he smiles genuinely at Ken. "Then, see you later."

With that, Nagi runs out of the hall. Anyone can feel his excitement. Ken is affected by Nagi's happiness too, and begins to smile, but it drops instantly again.

"Betray...?" He looks out the window, at the sky.


Scene 10 - Hesitation

Ken is helping Sister out at the vegetable garden at the back of the church...

"This year's vegetables are all growing well. It's God's blessing."

"This garden is so small. Back then I thought it's huge, everytime you want me to come with you I just pretend to have a tummy ache or I twisted my ankle..."

"You did... but when you lie, the light in your eyes dim."

"My eyes... really."

"Because you're born honest, but, that is good."

Ken doesn't expect to be praised, and smiles.

"Run." Sister changes the topic.


"You... said that yesterday. Can you tell me what is the matter?"

Ken falls silent for a moment.

"Sister... what do you think about the world?"


"Do you want to change it?"

"I do, at least... I want those evil people who play with childrens hearts to disappear."

"Just want?"

"Oh? No... I do my best. I believe God can hear my prayers."



"... haha, of course, Sister believes in God!"

"Has this got to do with last night?"

"... Sister... there are people who want to kill you... I can't tell you who, but it's true."

"Kill me? Why?"

"Because they believed in some guy's lies... so if you don't run... they're professional!"

"Ken, what are you really..."

"Me... I'm just a normal flower shop guy..."

"You eyes are dimming!"

"Sister! Just run away quickly! I beg you!"

"Thank you, Ken, but I won't leave this place."


"I can't leave! I'm a worker for God, I've given my life to this church since long ago. If something happens to me, it's God's will, we can't deny what God wants to do."


"Sorry, Ken."

Ken knows Sister won't be moved. He bows his head, defeated.


"Nagi." Sister calls the name.

"Have you finished?" Nagi asks sister, holding a ball in his hands.

"Oh... finished."

"Then, Ken... teach me soccer! You promised this morning!"

"I'm sorry, maybe another day..." Ken has no mood for it. He walks away, his head hung low.

"Oh, Ken..." There is disappointment in Nagi's voice. "What happened?" He asks Sister.

"Nothing.... where's Natsuki?"

"She went out, dressed up really nice too."



Scene 11 - Explosion

"Oh, yes, please ask the supervisor for details... okay okay, thank you. Good." The man hangs up the phone, and flips through the notebook. "Next... a meeting."

There is a knock on the door. "Come in."

"Excuse me." A young girl walks in.

"Oh, sorry to keep you waiting, come, sit down."


"We're filing outdoors again tomorrow, at xxx (ed: place name), even though it's for a well-received education show, but the real purpose is... that... heheh..."

"Our leader asks me to give this parcel to Manager Nagayama. Here it is." The girl hold out the box in her hands.

"Oh, really? Haha... your organization is getting rich! Not only in Shibuya, but also Kebukuro is in your zone of control. Not even afraid of the thugs? This... can I open it now?"


"Okay... what is it? Oh, it's small but quite heavy! I wonder what it is?"

A cellphone rings. The girl picks up the phone. "Hello."

A crisp ringing sound comes from the other side...

"Ah! What the hell!" The man asks, shocked.

"What are you afraid of? You sold this yourself!" The girl's expression begins to change.

"What do you want, bringing this here?"

"On the surface, you're making a TV show, but in truth you're selling weapons... do you know how many people have died because of the guns you've sold? Making an educational show? Hn! Don't make me laugh! There's only money in your eyes and for it you ruin childrens future!"

"Who are you... you aren't from the organization?"

The girl picks up the item from the box.

"What! What the hell are you doing! It's dangerous! That's a hand grenade!"

"Demon, die!"

The girl pulls the safety trigger from the grenade, then there is a huge explosion...


Scene 12 - Truth

Late at night, two people stood in an empty street.

"It suddenly got colder tonight." Omi says, rubbing his hands together.

"If you need the toilet, now's the time." Youji says.

"Thanks for caring." Omi glares at the taller man.

Aya's car stops in front of them. "Get on."


"Let's go."

"So it's really tonight." Ken comes over.

"Ken?" Omi is a little bit surprised.

"Hm! You want to join now? It's a bit unfortunate, but this mission has no place for you."

"That's not it." Ken tells Youji.

"No... then what is it?" Omi asks.

"This mission is to be postponed.


"What are you saying?"

"Please" There's a mistake somewhere, Sister... Amamiya Kaoruko hasn't done anything! Persia's information is wrong!"

"Ken, don't make me say it again." Aya threatens.

"Aya! Do you think this is good? That this is okay? Omi! Youji! ... Is it okay to kill innocent people too?! Weiss' job is only to kill?!"

"Ken... if you doubt Persia's words, then it's over for us." Omi's voice is low.

"Yes, that's the sad thing about killing." Youji agrees.

"There's something wrong! Sister won't sin!"


"Please, it's a mistake!"

"Ken, get on." Aya orders.


"Get on!"

Ken has no choice but get on the car. Inside, the radio is reporting the news...

"That was the live coverage. The victim, Nagayama Yukio is a childrens show producer. He produced in 1990 a show that described the lives of Japanese families living abroad in the times of civil unrest and had received the Japanese Broadcast Award. Also, at the scene with Nagayama, the person who used the grenade, Sayama Natsuki..."

"!!" Ken's mind blanks out when he hears Natsuki's name.

"It's that girl, right. Amamiya even controlled her..." Aya notices the changes in Ken.

Ken doesn't wait for Aya to finish. He opens to door and rushes out.

"Ken!" Youji and Omi want to stop him.

"Let him be... let's go." Aya undoes the handbreak, changes gear, and the car speeds away...


Scene 13 - Howl

"Natsuki..." Standing at the railcrossing where he met his old friend, Ken mumbles the name...

"After leaving here this time, I want to donate the money I get from work. If I say it's from me I know Sister won't accept it, so I have to do it anonymously! ...I really want to do something for Sister. For my favorite Sister, I will work hard."

Natsuki's words ring in his ears. The train passes, the gates lift up. Because it's past midnight, there is no crowded scene of pedestrian and cars rushing past. Ken sees Sister's expression again in his mind.

"At least... I want those evil people who play with childrens hearts to disappear."

It begins to rain. Ken does not and cannot accept the truth. In the pouring rain, he begins to howl...


Scene 14 - Verdict

"Oh Lord, whatever happens to me, please let me stand up on my own, and face it with a strong faith. Even in the darkest abyss, please be at my side so that I can feel Your comfort and support. When I cross wild waters in a storm, please guide me with belief. Amen."

The church's doors to the back Amamiya Kaoruko swings open, squeaking as they do so. Amamiya Kaoruko stands up and turns around calmly.

"Good evening."

"Amamiya... Kaoruko?" Aya speaks.


"You're calm." Youji.

"Do you know who we are?" Omi asks.

"No, except that you've come to kill me."

"Then you must've realised."

"If that's my destiny."

"Yeah yeah." Youji pulls out wire from his wrist watch...

"Stop it!" Ken runs in.

"Ken." Omi.



"So, you're these mens companion."

"Ken, you've opted out!"

"Stop it, Aya!" Ken begs.

"Ken! You're still protecting her?" Youji asks.

"Sister... Sister... why do you do it?" Ken asks painfully.

"That producer is selling weapons..."


"That rock star sold drugs. All the other people also, they use their fame to play with childrens innocent hearts, destroy their future... so I prosecute them in the name of God. I have not wronged."

"To prosecute them, you're using the hearts who trust in you..." Aya says.

"Those children are beyond help. No matter how much therapy they receive, they always come back to me, not wanting to stand up on their own, not treasuring the precious lives given to them by God. They don't recognize their own existence... They're running from being alive. If I leave them, they'll be running until they died. So, I give these children a meaningful death, at least to prove that they have lived, and died for the other childrens future..."


"You killers won't understand."


"Ken, come over here, protect me." Amamiya Kaoruko takes the bell from the table, its swinging giving a crisp ring...

"Ken, you understand, right? You know I'm not wrong. Come... come here, my lovely child. Come, Ken, come here!"

"Sister..." As if losing control, Ken walks towards the nun...

"Ken!" Aya calls out. "That's stupid, don't go! Ken!"

"Ken!" Youji and Omi too, try to call their friend back.

"Yes... Ken, very good. Ah! Good child, you're my pride. From now on let the two of us protect the childrens future! Because you're a gift from God..."



Amamiya Kaoruko holds her arms out. Suddenly...

"Ah" The nun's face changed. She stares down at the metal that has buried itself into her body.

"Ken..." She holds Ken tight.

Ken, closing his eyes, adds another blow. Amamiya Kaoruko falls, the bell rolling to her side.

"Ken..." Even Aya couldn't tell it will come to this.

"Wrong, Sister, you're wrong..." Ken sobs.

Amamiya Kaoruko smiles, humming a lullaby with broken voice. Hearing it, Ken begins to cry.


"She's singing a lullaby?" Omi asks.

Ken kneels down beside the nun...

"Ahhhhh!" Suddenly there is a painful cry from a corner of the church.

"Ah! Nagi!"

"Sister~~~ Sister~~~"

Nagi yells angrily, the still air inside the church suddenly forming into a large cyclone. Whatever the cyclone touches,including glass and wood, is destroyed.

"What the hell is this?" Aya looks around.

"That child... is this the power of that child?" Omi asks.

"Impossible..." Youji stares.

"Nagi!" Ken wants to go to Nagi.

"The church!"

"It's going to collapse! Run!"

Youji sees that Ken is not retreating, and hurries him. "Ken, what're you doing! Quick!"

From afar, the sirens of a fire engine breaks into the silence of the night...


Scene 15 - Prayer

(ed: This final part, and the epilogue, hasn't been done by the Chinese translator. What basically happens, translating from "All That Weiss"...)

A little later, a man and a boy is inside an aeroplane heading overseas. The man... Crawford, looks at Nagi.

"Farewell to Japan and everything. When you arrive on the other side, you'll meet your colleagues, Nagi."

"I won't forgive you... you've betrayed me, Ken."

Nagi's lips are drawn tight, hatred evident on his face.

"I'll kill you, Weiss!"

The two ride the jet quietly, flying through the dark sky.


Mod note: If you have a more accurate translation from the original Japanese, please let me know! I would love to get it from you (with credit, of course) and share it with other fans.
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