Mar. 18th, 2011

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Jey Kama's Forward Notes:

This story brings up references from Murasaki Shikibu's "Tale of the Genji." Unfortunately, I haven't read the Uji chapters (or any of it), so I can't make any deeper connections, but someday... someday... Perhaps all the violet and pink colors are in Murasaki's honor (which means "Purple"), though the "Ran" (orchid) in "Ranjatai" is none other than the Chinese character for Aya's real name, "Ran Fujimiya". The events in this story occur post-OAV and pre-DP in the WK time-line.

The mission completed, Weiß now enjoys a brief moment of peace. But one day, a girl appeared before them. She was asking for... the Remaining Fragrance.

Ranjatai )

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Note on Translation:

This is a translation from a Chinese translation found of DC1 - The Holy Children. Japanese to Chinese to English means a great loss of accuracy! I'm translating literally from the Chinese translation. If the original translator has added descriptions and stuff herself, I wouldn't know. This is only to give you an idea of what happens in DC1, it's not supposed to be accurate at all.

Anything I've added to the translation are in brackets.

The original Chinese translation was done by Deanna.

=YS=, translator


Dramatic Collection I - Holy Children )

Mod note: If you have a more accurate translation from the original Japanese, please let me know! I would love to get it from you (with credit, of course) and share it with other fans.
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The Music of Weiss Kreuz: The Lyrics

All lyrics courtesy of AnimeLyrics unless otherwise stated. Used for information and fan purposes only.

If you find any of these lyrics to be inaccurate or you have a better translation, please let me know and I will make the necessary corrections. Thank you!

In progress - more lyrics to come!

Beautiful Alone

Black Angel
Blue Mask
Bosanova Casanova
Brain Damage
Carnival 2000
Double Dear




Hard Lovin' Loser
House of Love
I Do
I Wonder
Instant Karma
Interstellar Soul
Isotype, Newtype
It's Too Late
Jazz Me Blues
Kami wa Taisetsu na Mono o Kizutsukeru
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kill Me
Kitto Wasurenai
Kryptonite Smokes
Last in My Winds
Look of Love
Love of My Life
Lover's Holiday
Meguri Aeta Kotto
Mellow Candle
Miserable Lies
Mizu no Naka no Chiisana Taiyou
MONOCHROME ni Somari Yuku Machi de
My Bloody Valentine
New Song
No Reason
No Surrender
Oh Mercy
One More Angel
Other Side of the Moon
Perfect Stranger
Piece of Heaven
Pleasure World
Pop Girl
Saigo no Baisen
Shadows and Lights
Shindemo Ii
Something in My Eyes
Sora ni Naretara
Sora no Soko
Southpaw Boxer
Stone Roses
Suicide Seaside
Sweet Nothing
The End
The Road
Tiny Little Song
Tokyo Sling
Velvet Underworld
Wallpaper for Soul
White Flames
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