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A short note about the Drama CD's:

The translations of these drama cd's are in very high demand so I have decided to provide what I have of Jey Kama's translated work to you. I have tried to contact Jey Kama for permission to showcase these, but have gotten no reply. You can certainly visit the site where these were originally hosted, however many of the pages are no longer up and the site has fallen into a bit of disrepair. I have no idea whether Jey Kama plans on continuing a Weiss Kreuz site, but I feel that his/her translations of these CD's are fantastic and should be made available to all so I am posting these without permission in the hopes that Jey Kama will forgive me. Jey Kama, if you are out there, please know that I am giving you full credit for your translations and a link back to your site. If you absolutely do not want me to continue hosting these works, let me know and I will understand and take them down. Any of the other translated works that are not Jey Kama's, I have given credit where I can. If you know where the translations come from please let me know so that I can contact the owner and/or at least give proper credit. CD Summaries courtesy of Athena.

Thank you,

Drama CD Translations

Below are the drama CD summaries. To view the translation, click on the link available.

If you find any of these translations to be inaccurate or you have a better translation, please private message me and I will make the necessary corrections. Thank you!


Crashers Knight and Ran Vol. 1 (CD #MMCC-1021)

Rook botches the mission for Crashers, getting himself injured in the process. Kritiker recruits Ran to fill the position of Rook while he is out of commission. This story is about how Ran came to join Crashers, and develops the relationship he has with Knight in particular. Knight starts out greatly distrusting the new Rook, but comes to approve of him as they work on the mission together. The mission involves the ill dealings of the wealthy Sakakibara family, who are running an illicit prostitution ring from their mansion home and blackmailing high ranking officials with the unsavory information they acquire during their transactions.

Crashers Knight and Ran Vol. 2 (CD #MMCC-1714)

Ran's experiences under Crashers continues. This time, their mission requires Knight and Ran to infiltrate the luxury cruise ship Metal Venus, and to investigate the possible murder of the ship's architect. Much of the story takes place at the Honjou estate, home of Knight and his sister Taiyou. Ran meets Taiyou for the "first" time, but it seems this encounter has some background to it, locked away in the past.

Dramatic Image Album I: Eternal Angel (CD #MMCC-1701)

Someone is kidnapping young girls and skinning them to make dolls from their flesh. Persia orders the execution of those responsible for the killings. But before Weiss is able to track down these killers, a young girl Yohji has been talking to is kidnapped right in front of him.

Dramatic Image Album II: Eternal Angel (CD #MMCC-1702)

The story of the sadistic dollmaker continues as Yohji and company try to hunt down the perpetrators of the atrocity before Sayaka becomes their next victim.

Dramatic Collection I: Holy Children
(CD #MMCC-1703)

Someone has been brainwashing young and impressionable girls, turning them into vigilante killers. Weiss' next target involves the mastermind behind these murders. This story is Ken-centric, and we get some background information on how he grew up, with appearances of his childhood friend Natsuki and Amamiya Kaoruko, the nun who raised him. In the Schwarz time frame, this is before Crawford takes Nagi from the orphanage. Nagi is currently being raised by Amamiya, and is quite attached to her.

Radio Selection I

If you have a translation of this, please let me know. We would love to host it for all the fans.

Radio Selection II

If you have a translation of this, please let me know. We would love to host it for all the fans.

Dramatic Collection II: Endless Rain (CD #MMCC-1708)

Aya returns to Sendai two years after his stint there as a Kritiker agent. This story focuses on the time he spends at the ikebana classroom of Shion and the Sendai Kritiker group. He trains in kendo under Shion and has bonding experience with fellow Kritiker agent Kikyo. His first major mission involves the investigation of a covert S&M club that kidnaps women and hacks them to pieces for entertainment. Kritiker's investigation ends in disaster, but two years later, Weiss has returned to Sendai to finish the job.

Dramatic Collection III: Kaleidoscope Memory (CD #MMCC-1711)

Somewhat Omi-centric. Momoe-san (the old woman who runs Koneko) moves into a retirement home, which promises great amenities. Omi misses her and makes frequent visits to see her. During his visits, he discovers that Momoe-san's long lost boyfriend is also a resident at the home and tries to get them to reconnect. Meanwhile Persia's next mission for Weiss involves individuals who kill off the elderly for profit.

If you have a translation of this, please let me know. We would love to host it for all the fans.

Radio Selection III

If you have a translation of this, please let me know. We would love to host it for all the fans.

Dramatic Precious 1st Stage: Sleepless Night (CD #MMCC-1713)

Weiss are in Kyoto, selling flowers from their trailer. Aya is having dreams about Kikyo, his colleague from Sendai Kritiker whom he had to kill. On the work front, Weiss attempts to complete their latest mission from Persia - only to discover that someone else has beaten them to the punch. But this new assassination group is ruthless and do not hesitate to cut down everyone at the scene, including those who are not the main targets. Meanwhile, Ken is really beginning to lose it, unable to think of anything aside from the next mission, the next killing. He meets and befriends a girl named Reiko, who seems to have much in common with him. Yohji isn't faring much better, finding himself unable to sleep with a woman without imagining she's Asuka and finding himself at her throat, literally. He happens upon a bar and meets the proprietors of the establishment, Ayame and Azami. Elsewhere in Kyoto, Aya meets a man named Rindou, who is making a flower arrangement.

Persia orders their next mission, and Ken is shocked to discover that one of the targets is someone he knows. The mysterious assassins who interfered their prior mission are back, and this time, Aya recognizes their leader...

Dramatic Precious 2nd Stage: Tearless Dolls (CD #MMCC-1715)

Weiss's moving flowershop now finds itself in Kanagawa, where the servants of Omi's grandfather request that Omi come visit Saijou at his home, Tsukiyono Castle. Birman brings them their next mission, which involves investigating strange events taking place in Tsukiyono Castle, whereby girls are seen entering and never return. Omi meets his grandfather for the first time and decides to stay at the mansion to investigate the premises. Meanwhile Yohji and Ken happen upon Azami and Ayame. Aya goes to get his sword restored by a master swordsman and finds himself face to face with Shion.

Dramatic Precious 3rd Stage: Hopeless Zone (CD #MMCC-1716)

Back in Kyoto. Ayame and Azami are revealed to be killers, preying on women in particular. Yohji continues to have major issues with women, and can't seem to get Asuka out of his mind. Manx arrives to report some bad news - Shion and his team of second generation Weiss members have teamed up with the Nakatsugawa faction of Kritiker to wipe out agents in Hiroshima. They have kidnapped Birman and demanded that the current Persia step down in favor of Nakatsugawa. Manx heads up an unsuccessful rescue mission, and survives just long enough to give Weiss their mission: kill Birman so the enemy will never be able to retrieve critical information from her. Weiss infiltrate Shion's hideout in their attempt to execute this mission, though they hope to rescue her, instead.

Dramatic Precious Final Stage: Dreamless Life (CD #MMCC-1717)

Shion and Rindou pay Persia a fatal visit. Meanwhile, Aya is having recurring nightmares of facing Shion, as Kikyo appears in his dreams again to tell him that he is the same as Kikyo - a killer. Weiss receive their final orders from the now deceased Persia - finish Nakatsugawa, Shion and Rindou. Thereafter, he orders them to wash their hands of Weiss and live normal lives. Omi seeks out his grandfather for answers. Saijou cuts of Nakatsugawa from Takatori funds, making himself a target as well. Rindou arrives to assassinate him, but is thwarted by Omi, meeting his ends. Elsewhere, Shion has mutinied against Nakatsugawa, taking him out before sending Aya an invitation to face off once and for all with his former pupil...

Dramatic Image Album III: Schwarz 1 (CD #MMCC-101)

Schwarz are staying in their hideout near Munich, Germany, when Farfarello brings home Sally, a psi he saved in the midst of her escape from Rosenkreuz. She is taking refuge in their house when Farblos, a group of psi assassins from Rosenkreuz, arrive to take her back. But Farfarello has formed an unusual attachment to the woman and will not give her up without a fight.

Dramatic Image Album IV: Schwarz 2 (CD #MMCC-1020)

Schwarz have taken Sally and are on the run from Farblos. They are hiding out aboard their spy ship on the Rhine River near Bonn when they are discovered. A boat chase ensues, and they manage to escape. Schuldig suggests that they ditch Sally and Farfarello (if he insists on staying with her), but Crawford decides that the time has come for Schwarz's inevitable showdown with Farblos. They choose to take their stand at the Europort in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Wish A Dream Collection I: Flower of Spring (CD #MMCC-1023)

This story is quite...different from the rest of WK, to say the least. The members of Weiss take a break from their usual work to visit a hot springs inn owned by Kokomi, an eccentric childhood friend of Manx. During their stay, they learn of the legend behind a cursed Japanese sword kept in a nearby cave, and must solve the mystery of a series of murders that take place thereafter. Total crack humor. This drama cd is not recommended for those who are opposed to some silly fun.

Wish A Dream Collection II: A Four-Leaf Clover (CD #MMCC-1024)

The majority of this cd is a series of flashback stories on each of the Weiss characters. Aya's story takes place soon after Sendai Kritiker gets wiped out. He is on a mission to find their killers and avenge them. But Kritiker would rather leave this work up to a special group based in Tokyo and send Aya to continue his training in Tsushima. Yohji's story is about his experiences as a P.I. with Murase Asuka, and how they were like before tragedy hit. The timeline for Ken's story is harder to place, but it's after his soccer days, and is about his infiltration of a certain underground revolutionary organization. In Omi's story, he is completing his training for Weiss and must face a cruel final trial.

Radio Selection IV

If you have a translation of this, please let me know. We would love to host it for all the fans.

Wish A Dream Collection III: The Orchid Under the Sun (CD #MMCC-1026)

Under the guise of a gardener, Ran is sent in as the new leader of the rural Tsushima division of Kritiker. While there, he works at a rehabilitation center where he meets and befriends Knight's sister Taiyou. He saves the center from being taken over by the local Yakuza group, who were scheming to destroy the center and replace it with a casino. The final drama track is slightly unrelated to the Tsushima story, but is a slice of life of Weiss in their day job as florists.

Wish A Dream Collection IV: First Mission (CD #MMCC-1027)

Aya, Omi, Ken and Yohji meet for the first time ever at the Koneko and receive their first mission from Persia. Two computer savvy individuals and their friend with military connections are engaging in a true life war game using the internet to recruit their teams. The teams take each other on and battle until the other team is wiped out. Weiss enters this competition and use the opportunity to take out their first targets. Their mission date: Christmas.

If you have a translation of this, please let me know. We would love to host it for all the fans.

Radio Selection V

If you have a translation of this, please let me know. We would love to host it for all the fans.

Radio Selection VI

If you have a translation of this, please let me know. We would love to host it for all the fans.

Weiss Kreuz Gluhen: Fight Fire With Fire

Focusing mainly on the stories of Aya, Yohji and Ken after the series of events in Dramatic Precious and dissolution of third generation Weiss. Aya has joined an American assassination group similar to Weiss. He is called back to Japan by Omi, who has now taken up the reins of the Takatori empire. He has decided to reestablish Weiss and take on the responsibilities of the next Persia. Yohji and Ken meanwhile are trying to pick up the pieces of their lives when Aya tracks them down on behalf of the new Persia in hopes of recruiting them back to Weiss. There's an appearance by Kyo, who will eventually join Weiss in Gluhen.

Weiss Kreuz Gluhen II - Theater of Pain (CD #MMCC-1034)

A mission originally in the hands of Crashers is turned over to the jurisdiction of Weiss. Knight ultimately fails in his personal quest to avert the execution of his targets, and reluctantly witnesses Aya and company execute their end of the mission. However, after the completion of their mission, Kritiker discovers that their main target Sato Taizen had been a decoy, and that the real Sato has fled to Italy to seek protection under the mob boss there. Persia sends Weiss to Rome to track down Sato and take him out. Weiss teams up with Italy's own "Weiss" who go by the name Fortuna.

Weiss Kreuz Gluhen - Dramatic Soundtrack I (CD #MMCC-1035)

Some portions of this disk overlap with the anime Glühen bits, where Omi gives the mission to finish off Tsujii and company. The rest of the story centers on Sena and what he did just before the final mission. He goes to visit his old home where his family was killed and bumps into an old friend.

If you have a translation of this, please let me know. We would love to host it for all the fans.

Weiss Kreuz Gluhen - Dramatic Soundtrack II (CD #MMCC-1036)

On a winter's eve, colleagues happen upon each other in a jazz bar and share drinks. Some banter between Ran and Knight as Rex and Queen argue over whether an assassination team like Weiss is truly necessary. Knight expresses concern that the former Rook will eventually fall into the same doomed fate as Shion and Kikyo. But Aya insists that he won't, and his reason for why does not sit well with Knight...
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